list of german universities?

  • Hi!

    I want to study in Germany...therefore I want to ask if anyone has a list of all German universities?

    Thanks a lot!


    19 Jun 2007, 06:34 Danielle
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  • study m-pharm

    hai, i want to study m-pharm in germany.If any body has information about i.Plz mail: [email removed]

    gobinda 03 Jan 2009, 07:07 - Report

    hi dear ;i want to ask about phd study ;requirments and best collag . [email removed]

    DENTIST; ALI ASIED ASHAWISH 04 Jan 2009, 06:18 - Report

    please am looking for any knid of work in garman

    festsu 04 Jan 2009, 11:00 - Report
  • Art(Graphic Design)

    i want study art(graphic design) in germany.Please help me with information and how to access on line application forms for graduate studies at in university any free German universities.
    here is my email address,[email removed]

    Gokhan 05 Jan 2009, 10:22 - Report
  • art

    I want to study in Germany ..i have graphic design Associate degree..i had my education in the turkey ..but i am a turkish citizen with a turkish passport ...i want to know what i will be needing to come to Germany ...if any one has information for me, id be more than happy ...

    Thanks a lot


    informatino:[email removed]

    gokhan 05 Jan 2009, 10:25 - Report
  • Admission in Germany university

    Dear Sir, I am B.A , I would like to take in Germany in Management/Master Phasto Program. I working in Goverment Educational Baord in pakistan. Please guide and help me in this regard.Thanks

    yours obediently
    Abdur Rehman

    abdur rehman 05 Jan 2009, 12:29 - Report
  • are full free tutionship really available in Germany?

    hi,im from Bangladesh,ive heard that i can do my undergraduation from germany and full free tutionships are considered for asian students?is dat really true,coz ive bn to lot of university websites and cdnt get any clue about dat,cd ane1 studyin dere cn help me out?thanx,wd be waitin fr reply

    tahiti 05 Jan 2009, 08:31 - Report
  • pharmacist(master in pharmacology/master in clinical pharmacy )

    i m muhammad nadeem pharmacist from pakistan i want to do master in above mentioned programme in any universities of germany.plz tell me about scholarship offering universities in these programme and criteria. cell +923007320126.
    email;[email removed]
    waiting your positive reply.

    Muhammad Nadeem Pharmacist 07 Jan 2009, 10:43 - Report

    EAMIL;[email removed]

    ATIF HAFEEZ PHARMACIST 07 Jan 2009, 10:52 - Report
  • free postgraduate education in Germany.

    Please i am a 1st degree holder of BSc Natural Resources Management,Wood Science and Technology as my mojor.I will like to furhter my education in my area of study and work as well.This is my contact number:00233249511813 and e-mail address:[email removed]

    Harry Boamah Frimpong 07 Jan 2009, 06:07 - Report
  • study in Germany & List of University

    I'm an industrial designer & I study in Art university in Iran .I'm looking for a master program in industrial design or in transportation design in Germanny .
    I am learning German Language now in Iran.
    I interested to know what I do for study in Germany university and list of university that they have Master of Industrial design course.
    Best Regards

    MSh 07 Jan 2009, 08:36 - Report
  • pharmacy masters program in germany


    I want to study in Germany...therefore I want to ask if anyone has a list of all German universities who have masters program on pharmacy and that taught in English.


    H A MD SAKIL 08 Jan 2009, 03:12 - Report
  • needed univ list that provide PG with no tution fee

    I'm a B.E graduate, looking forward to do MS in germany.
    So, can u give me the list of univ that provide free education for international students.

    Pranesh 09 Jan 2009, 03:04 - Report
  • needed univ list that provide PG with no tution fee

    I'm a B.E graduate, looking forward to do MS in germany.
    So, can u give me the list of univ that provide free education for international students.

    Reply to my mail plz.
    email: [email removed]

    Pranesh 09 Jan 2009, 03:07 - Report
  • masters in germany

    sir i am g.laxma reddy from india studying b-pharmacy 4th year. i am interested in pharmacology and pharmaceutical technology. can you kindly send me the list of top colleges offering this course in germany
    mail id is [email removed]

    g.laxma reddy 09 Jan 2009, 10:09 - Report
  • Looking for PHD in finance

    Hello every body
    I finished my MBA in finace /marketing in India 2008,I would like to apply for PHD in finance in Germany.I'm looking for a suitable university that can offer me scholarship
    My email address is [email removed]
    best regards

    Hooman 12 Jan 2009, 08:28 - Report
  • I want free study in BS(Information Technology) & Working in Germany.

    Dear Sir!
    I'm Ramiz Ahmed Khan.I have 3 Year DAE(Diploma Associate Engineer) in Electronics Technology.I want to free study in German University and Workingin Germany.So,plz help me about the free study in German University & working in Germany.This is my email id [email removed].
    I shall glad to you.
    Your's Obediently
    Rameez Ahmed Khan.

    Rameez Ahmed Khan 13 Jan 2009, 11:00 - Report
  • Information Technology Bachelors program in germany

    Plz help me about the my program & working.

    Rameez 13 Jan 2009, 11:08 - Report
  • Hii

    I want to study in germany but i dont have enough money. would u please help me by providing some details
    thanks & regards

    Farah 13 Jan 2009, 12:45 - Report
  • school counsilig

    I want to study phd in school counsilig

    imd s j 14 Jan 2009, 07:58 - Report
  • PHD

    I need information about study PHD in eduction

    imad 14 Jan 2009, 08:01 - Report
  • Greetings

    HI, i am Khan Oliver from CAMEROON;I will like to offer a Masters course in journalism and mass communication; How do i apply for any tuition free universuty in Germany

    Khan Oliver 16 Jan 2009, 09:01 - Report
  • i want to study

    hi im student in university of prishtina in firs year .im studying arcitectur,
    i need to study in germany this departament
    when you can help me write in my email adress [email removed]

    rrezearti 17 Jan 2009, 02:10 - Report
  • Onlien link ( website address)

    Can anybdy tell me the website, through which i apply for the online admission in German Universities

    Saad Ali Khan 18 Jan 2009, 01:26 - Report
  • tuition free education in germany

    i wish to have a tuirion free university to study master in international relations.

    ayuknjie donald obi 19 Jan 2009, 08:30 - Report
  • i want to read in germany

    i want to read in germany without tution fees

    mokter 20 Jan 2009, 12:28 - Report
  • I want study master in pharmacy

    Dear sir I'm willing to study master in pharmacy in germany .Ihave completed my B.pharm from india .guide me to get admissin there @how to get there visa.I sudanese nationalaty email ID [email removed]

    qussai ahmed 21 Jan 2009, 09:45 - Report
  • tutio free education

    may i know how to apply for this free education in germany
    send replyies through my email id
    [email removed]

    ajith raju 22 Jan 2009, 01:08 - Report
  • Help me, please!

    Dear sir/mam
    i have graduated master of business.i want to study PHD in business aministration in Germany.Can you introduce me which university in germany that have PHD of business.
    Many thanks!
    MY EMAIL: [email removed]

    nguyen hoai nam 23 Jan 2009, 04:11 - Report
  • want to study in the university

    Please i want someone to help me with a university that is taught in english
    public administration
    international relations
    public relations

    please kindly leave me a message on my email or here
    [email removed]

    susan 23 Jan 2009, 08:56 - Report
  • i need an admission in a university in brelin

    How do i get to have an admission in berlin,am not a citizen and i do not speak German so good..whats are the requirments to get an admission in berlin?

    Okon Pius Nsikanabasi 24 Jan 2009, 01:21 - Report
  • hi want to study MBA

    hi sir,
    I am ramana kumar .I completed my B.TECH(ECE).I want to study MBA in abroad.I cannot pay the tution fees in universities.I heard about free education in Germany.So please kindly inform me the deatils about free education,part time jobs,accomodation and which universities are offering free education. Please kindly send the details to my Gmail id: [email removed].

    thanking you,
    ramana kumar.

    K.Ch.V.Ramana Kumar 25 Jan 2009, 01:25 - Report
  • Selecting Best College

    Well the list of german colleges and universities is quit big, anybody with previous experience can make out which is the best college educationwise and fees wise.

    Rahul 26 Jan 2009, 04:37 - Report
  • Phd in Chemistry


    I wish to introduce myself as S. Kulathooran, working as Scientist in Syngene International Ltd. (Biocon Group), Bangalore.
    I am writing this email looking for the possibility to join as a Research scholar in the field of Organic Synthesis.

    How i will apply the scholar ship in Germany please guide me.
    I have completed my Master of philosophy in Chemistry from Bharathidasan University in the year 2006 in India.

    I have good experience in setting up various reactions, purification of organic compounds by chromatography and crystallization, interpretation of compounds through NMR, Mass (LC, GC), and IR.

    While my M.Sc study in Annamalai University was the excellent basis for my Chemistry subject and my work as a Scientist in Biocon Company provided me an excellent experience in terms of solving versatile chemistry issues arising in the reactions.

    I have completed several project assigned to me. One of the important projects I finished successfully involved some biological active compounds.

    Herewith i have attached my resume for your consideration.

    I am eagerly looking forward your reply in this regard.

    Thanking you with respectful regards.

    S. Kulathooran

    36, Palace street,

    Porayar post,

    Tharangumbadi Taluk,

    Nagapattinum District,

    Tamil nadu,


    S.Kulathooran 26 Jan 2009, 02:06 - Report
  • for applying

    Hello,I am a student of Govt. Haraganga College,Munshiganj,Bangladesh.I am lookgng for a university in EEE in Germany.Please show me how to [email removed]

    Md.Altaf Hossain 26 Jan 2009, 02:21 - Report
  • free admission in german

    i want to get free study in business administration in German plz help me in this regard
    [email removed]

    afzaal 28 Jan 2009, 10:54 - Report
  • study in ireland


    I am so eager to continue my study in economics in one of the high ranked universities in Ireland . therefore Is there any one who wish to help me?
    you can mail me to : [email removed]
    projet social N:81 anza agadir maroc .

    Thanks a lot!

    JAMAL .

    jamal 28 Jan 2009, 03:53 - Report
  • phd

    hay if u know the research institutes in germeny giving phd in biotech please send me the informations ,
    [email removed]

    rajasekhar.chekkara 28 Jan 2009, 06:53 - Report
  • work study.

    Hello, can you help me with information on working while studying, in Germany?

    Lekan 29 Jan 2009, 01:00 - Report
  • msc in pharmacology and toxicology

    i m muhammad nadeem from pakistan i m pharmacist i want to study in master in pharmacology from german tution free education universities.00923007320126
    E.MAIL; [email removed]

    MUHAMMAD NADEEM 29 Jan 2009, 06:55 - Report
  • Looking for free Titution Universties in germany for undergraduate proggramme

    Looking for free Titution Universties in germany for undergraduate proggramme. Please can you help me with a list of universities.

    EDAFE 29 Jan 2009, 08:53 - Report
  • master history of art

    hello!i m from greece and i m searching for a distance learning master in history of art (in english..). Does anyone know any university in germany which offer this?
    e-mail: [email removed]

    irini 02 Feb 2009, 01:12 - Report
  • confirmation

    i want to knw the nessary procedure on how to study in germany

    adetola olanrewaju 02 Feb 2009, 02:54 - Report
  • post graduate study in nutritional siences

    it is pleasure for me to send to you i ask you about my postgraduate study

    mohamed milad 03 Feb 2009, 11:59 - Report
  • for admission

    i will like to study in germany.please show me how to.apply.e-mail me on [email removed]

    Meer Ahmed Masum 06 Feb 2009, 01:29 - Report
  • can i free study in germony?

    Hi i am Mohammad Farooq,i am a Intermedeate Diplaoma in Advertising.I want to study in German University,Please help me with information and how to access on line application forms for graduate studies at in university any free German universities.
    here is my email address, [email removed] Muhammad Farooq
    327/E Adam Chowk G M Abad Faisalabad Pakistan

    MUHAMMAD FAROOQ 09 Feb 2009, 06:55 - Report
  • searching for university that are affording free tiution in germany in automakers engineering

    please i'm intrested in studying in one of the free tuition university in germany.facullty automakers engineering department,to develop my telant and ability i have in this skills. if any one has an idear of it please info me at [email removed] or [email removed] thanks

    God'swill .C.Alaegbu 11 Feb 2009, 07:55 - Report
  • i want to study hospital pharmacy in Germany

    i am interested in this field and i want to practise it in Germany . I have graduated from faculty of pharamcy Cairo university in Egypt. i need to guide me how to make this in Germany and to get tution free education .i can speak and listen German langauage good .
    what requirments for that and how to apply ??
    please send to me through my e-mail
    [email removed]

    AMRO BARAKAT 12 Feb 2009, 04:11 - Report
  • searching for free universities in germany for phd coursec

    i am curious to know a lot of information about contlneu my studies in marine environment,besides i know that the universities in germany also are public.
    i have graduated in master of art.

    i wanna come to germany and also register in one of related facaulties , plz help me & announce me if u have any information.

    best regards,

    sayed farhad shohadaee 12 Feb 2009, 01:33 - Report
  • Management

    I want to study in Germany In English with Free of cost and scholarship.My E-mail number is =[email removed]

    Shemul Majumder 13 Feb 2009, 12:24 - Report
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