Health insurance with visa type D-HEIRAT/FAMILIENZUSAMMENFUHRUNG

  • Hi there,
    I just got my 3 months valid visa,type D in purpose of getting married in DE.
    I`m a non EU citizen/Romania/ and my future husband is EU nation.We are engaged.We plan to get married in 2 months time.
    My questions are: Do I need to get a health insurance from my own country before I travel to DE and it validity to be till the day of the marriage?Because after the marriage I can share my husband`s health insurance as long as I don`t work in DE,according the new law.
    Or I can travel no insured and when I get there we can go together the 1st week of my arrival to his health care company and me to get registered there on his name.
    Is it all possible before the marriage or I can`t use his health company before the official ceremony?I just want to know how to fill the "gap" till the marriage in order to be insured and on the same time to avoid paying money if I don`t have to.
    I checked with Allianz in my country,they replied I need such an insurance to have it in advanve before the marriage /like I always got up to now,based on a tourist visits only,but I haven`t been engaged with visa stamped in my passport as now/ ......BUT I`m not so sure if they informed me correctly.
    By reading the usage of it and how the different programs work/in Allianz/,was written that in case of emergency and special treatment...they will send me to my native country....and I met couple of times my native country mentioned....even in case of pregnancy they don`t cover the hospitalization.And there comes my question....why do I need them?I`m not gonna come back to my native country because I`m going to live in DE,to have family there etc.I even got a single ticket.
    Please, if someone can help me with more professional information or advices how to act,I would gladly appreciate it.
    Have a nice day!

    30 Mar 2005, 04:54 Anonymous
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  • Complicated ...

    As far as I know, you'll have to get your own insurance until you're married. The easiest way would be to get an insurance in Rumania which also covers for Germany. You could also apply for a German insurance (for the 2 months), but this normally takes time to proceed since you'd probably have to go for a private one..

    Anonymous 04 Apr 2005, 11:17 - Report
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    i have visa type D, can I get residence permit and extend my stay without leaving the country

    Micheal 29 Aug 2008, 10:01 - Report
  • hello

    hi I wont viza to Germany bye

    hassan 13 Nov 2008, 08:57 - Report
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