Work permit in Holland, want to work in Germany

  • Hi everyone!

    I hope some of you will take the time to read my story and perhaps comment on my chances of teaching in Germany.

    Well, I have a bit of a strange situation. I live in northern Holland, about 30 minutes from the German border. My boyfriend is German and working for the uni here. I have been here 2 years now and am still unemployed. I went to law school in the US and then did a master's in law here in Holland. For many reasons too numerous to go into here, working as a lawyer in Holland is probably not going to pan out. So I'm considering a career change.

    I'm thinking about teaching English in Oldenburg, or Bremen. I figure I could commute 2-3 times a week frome here. I wouldn't have to pay rent in Germany, but I know the train is expensive. I do not expect to become rich this way, and I have the financial safety net of sharing a household with a financially stable person. My main goals are to get out of the house(I've seen all the BBC decorating shows at least twice now), do something with my life and start getting some work experience.

    I know the job market is down in Germany - my partner reads sections from Der Spieghel to me every week. I do not have a teaching certificate but I could take the CELTA in Hamburg. I have experience tutoring college and law school students in writing. I lived in Germany for one year at age 16 and learned to speak the language fairly well, although I have forgotten much despite the biannual practice sessions with my partner's mama and papa.

    Is the market already completely flooded in Germany, or is there perhaps room for someone like me? I've read the horror stories about tax and pension, but I'm not so bothered because they take just as much if not more here in Holland (long live social democracy!).

    My other option is to go back to uni here in Holland to get my English teaching degree. I've been provisionally accepted, provided I pass the Dutch language exam, and such a program would take about 3 years, after which I could teach in the public schools here (I would have a B.Ed. then). But I would really rather work a bit first, to see if I really like that. I didn't do that with law, and that turned out to be a very big expensive mistake.

    Does anyone have any comments about my chances or lack thereof, of finding employment in Germany? Does anyone else have the experience of being non-EU, living in one EU country and wanting to work in another? Oh, and for the record, marrying my German partner is not an option (that would be nice since it would get me German citizenship, but he's stubborn about the subject). And my boyfriend has a good job here, so moving is not an option either. Another FYI - there don't seem to be any private English schools in Holland like there are in, say, Germany, France and Spain.

    Thanks for looking at my post and thanks for your help!!

    20 Nov 2004, 10:03 Anonymous
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  • English-taught programms

    What about looking up English Taught programs in Germany? You could teach law (or American, EU-NA) law... as well as teaching English. Then you've diversified; and you have a qual that other EU candidates might not hold. Run a search and see what you find.

    Anonymous 20 Nov 2004, 10:04 - Report
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