German cuisine

The top five traditional German foods

German cuisine

Due to the country’s social and political changes over the centuries, German food is very diverse and varies from region to region. Many German dishes have become internationally known and popular. Here you will find five of the most delicious foods.

1. Käsespätzle (Cheese noodles)

Spätzle are noodles made of wheat flour and eggs. Often they are served topped with cheese and roasted onions (Käsespätzle). They are especially popular in the south of Germany and are considered as a Swabian speciality, which is a region of the German state Baden-Württemberg. Spätzle can be eaten as the main meal or accompany meat dishes.

2. Käsekuchen (Cheesecake)

German cheesecake is usually served as a dessert. It is a sweet cake consisting of two or more layers. The bottom layer is made of crushed cookies, graham crackers or short pastry. The main layer is thicker and made of white cheese, eggs and sugar. It is baked in a round springform pan. The cake can be topped with fruits such as strawberries, raspberries or mandarins, or flavoured with chocolate and nuts. Use your imagination to make your own cheesecake!

3. Brezel (Pretzel)

Brezel are a type of soft baked white bread. They are made from flour water, yeast and sprinkled with salt. They are formed in a unique knot-like shape. Usually, you eat Brezel as a snack or for dinner with butter (Butterbrezel), cold meats or cheese. You can find them in every bakery or supermarket.

4. Schnitzel

A Schnitzel is a thin, boneless piece of meat, which is coated with flour, beaten eggs, and bread crumbs. A German Schnitzel is always made of pork and is usually served with a slice of lemon and French fries, potato mash, wedge potatoes or potato salad. If you order a Wiener Schnitzel, you will get a veal cutlet.

5. Wurst (Sausage)

There are more than 1,500 varieties of Wurst (sausages) made by German butchers with natural casings from pork, sheep or lamb intestine. The most popular sausages are Bratwurst (fried sausage made of ground pork and spices) and Blutwurst (blood sausage). In Bavaria you have to try Wiener Weißwurst, a white sausage that you have to peel before eating it with sweet mustard. In Berlin and many other regions you eat Currywurst, a sliced sausage spiced with curry ketchup.

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