ottonova - German health insurance

Compared to the public system, key benefits include:

  • Choice of doctor
  • Seeing a specialist without referral
  • Individual rooms for hospital stays
  • Full reimbursement for medicines and treatments

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What sets ottonova apart from others is their modern use of technology to make access to care easier and quicker.

Concierge service

A dedicated English-speaking team is available to guide you through the German healthcare system. They can arrange doctor's appointments for you and answer any questions you might have.

Teledoctor Teledoctor

Video calls with English-speaking doctors

Diagnosis and treatment for many common illnesses and conditions can now be made on a video call. You can get a treatment plan, be prescribed medicine and even get a sick note for your employer; all through the ottonova app.

ottonova welcomes the chance to talk to expats about their needs and explain how their plans work.

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