Hypofriend has been designed to help people find the best mortgage for their needs without having to do hours of research online and making enquiries at multiple banks. Combining a powerful algorithm and personal advice, they have helped hundreds of expats find mortgages that offer them the right combination of flexibility and long-term financial security.

By removing bureaucracy and complexity from the process, Hypofriend makes buying your dream home in Germany faster and easier.

Just three simple steps

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Avoid wasting time and check what mortgage is right for you before contacting any lenders. With Hypofriend’s online eligibility calculator, you are able to quickly find out how much you can afford and how much you can borrow.

Always offering honest guidance, they will advise you if a mortgage is not right for you at the present time.

Step 2: Get a tailored recommendation

After checking your eligibility, Hypofriend will instantly identify the best mortgage offers based on your requirements and circumstances.

Step 3: Personal advice

You will then be guided through the entire process by an expert advisor. Assisting you from the point of selection and application through to signing the contract, they will personally make sure you get the ideal mortgage for you.