Medical staff

Doctors & dentists in Ghana

Medical staff

In Ghana the Medical and Dental Council, organises the system regarding doctors and dentists. This council is charged with making sure patients receive the best care possible.

To be a legal and recognized physician, practitioners should be registered under the medical and Dental Council Decree (1972) NRCD 1.

A private physician consult costs on average US$10. Many expats with private medical insurance choose to use private clinics and hospitals due to the better care available there.

If you are looking for a physician speaking your language, we recommend you contact your embassy, which should have a list of doctors who speak your language. Some embassies also have a ranking list for hospitals.

Dentists in Ghana

As far as dentists are concerned, several treatments are covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). Pain relief (tooth extraction, temporary incision and drainage), or dental restoration (simple amalgam filling and temporary dressing) are covered.

Dental care can be hard to come by in Ghana, especially outside Accra. In 2009 there were only 148 dentists in Ghana, according to WHO figures, 70% of these were located in Accra.

There are two hospitals providing dental care in Ghana: Barnor Hospital (Accra), and Garden City Hospital (Kumasi).

Optical care

Eye care in Ghana is still a developing field. On the Ghana Optometry website  you can find a list of 50 optometrists in the country and a list of facilities.

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