Arrange property viewings

Know what your rental will include

Arrange property viewings

After you have found some rentals in Ghana that you may be interested in, it is suggested that you schedule viewings with the landlord.  

Keep in mind that when renting property in Ghana, you will be limited in the changes and improvements you are able to make to the property. Therefore, it is a good idea to know the exact details of a property before you begin the process of negotiating the lease terms, and definitely before you make any payment.

It is also suggested that you make a couple of visits to the property, at different times of the day and evening, so that you will get an idea of the neighborhood and its safety.

Most importantly, check what is included with the property and what is not. Some good questions to ask would be about kitchen appliances, a water tank, air conditioning and if there is a generator.

It is also a good idea to inquire about the amenities of a property. Check to see if there is security on the premises, a parking area, facilities to wash clothes, storage space and communal areas such as a pool or shared yard. Look to see if they are well-maintained, and ask whose responsibility it is.

Find out the condition of everything on the property, including the windows, gutters and roof. Make sure that certain things work - such as the taps in the bathroom and kitchen. Make sure and check to see if the locks work properly.

Know before you sign

Remember to ask the landlord about the service providers about how your bills will be affected. Verify that there are no outstanding bills connected to the property.

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