Volunteering in Ghana

An opportunity to learn about the culture

Volunteering in Ghana

Volunteering is one of the easiest ways to enter Ghana and a great opportunity to learn about the country’s culture. Though the fact that it is not paid doesn’t make it a long term solution.

The number of organisations providing voluntary work in Ghana is high. The chance of actually getting a placement is therefore very great. Even more since most of the organisations ask you to pay a fee for the placement.

It is a great opportunity to learn about a country’s people and culture. Most of the time you are placed in smaller villages having direct contact with the people which makes it especially rewarding. You are interacting with them, can learn their local language and help them to improve their situation. You should adapt to their way of living and get used to poorer standards than what you may be used to.

There are different types of voluntary work you can do. The most common are:

  • Working in an orphanage: You are cooking with the children, playing with them, teaching them and just taking care of them.
  • Teaching: In general you support a teacher, help the students with all kinds of things or do extra curricular activities like sports.
  • Healthcare: Medical and nursing students can observe and assist in healthcare delivery. There are also projects to raise the awareness of HIV.
  • Farming: You are helping locals and learn about their methods. It is only recommended if you are fit and willing to do heavy work. The climate in Ghana doesn’t make it easy.

The most popular organisations to find placements are Global Volunteer Network , Volunteer Corps Organisation , BUNAC  and Original Volunteers . Most positions are available throughout the whole year and you can choose your date.

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