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Internet access in Ghana

Ghana was the first African country to be connected to the internet, which arrived in 1994. Nowadays, the internet is quickly spreading around the country.

In 2010, around 5% of the population had internet, which increased to 10% in 2011. These figures are growing rapidly, with the introduction of new technology, and government support. There were nearly 1 million internet users in Ghana in 2009.

Ghana is expanding its wireless network thanks to this government support. It is now an important market segment, as the internet spreads throughout the Ghanaian population and culture.

Ghana offers a fairly limited access to 3G networks in the main cities such as Accra, Cape Coast and Kumasi, but for basic internet connections, there are more than 140 ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in Ghana. Even as the market develops rapidly, internet access remains quite limited.

Internet providers

There are several main internet providers in Ghana. The largest is NCS  (Network Computer Systems), founded in 1988, it was the first one to provide internet in Ghana. There is also InternetGhana , and Africa Online  (the largest ISP in Africa).

In order to gain internet access, you may be asked for several documents such as:

  • Proof of identity (passport or national ID)
  • A Residents permit
  • Proof of a residential address in Ghana (proof of your billing address)
  • A Bank statement

Of course you also have to ensure that it internet access is available in the area or building in which you are requesting the service. As internet access is still quite rare, it can appear quite expensive. The monthly fee can vary between US$85 and US$490 (€65 - €370).

You may be able to subscribe to an internet service directly through a local agency, especially if you are moving to one of the main cities. Internet is not available in all of the countryside and is of varying quality, but is in general accessible. It is therefore advised to research information about the availability of internet before you move to a new location.

To gain internet access, there are also internet cafes. Some provide access with a higher quality than normal, and so this visiting these cafes may be a good option if you are not willing to sign a contract. Vodafone and other service providers even have their own internet cafés, located mainly in Accra, but also in other Ghanaian cities.

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