Top places to visit

How expats can enjoy free time in Ghana

Top places to visit

Ghana is a diverse and exciting country that has many things to visit. Ghana is home to some incredible coastline, mountains and landscapes. 

Going on safari

Mole National Park, which is located in northern Ghana, is one of the biggest national parks in Ghana. This breathtaking region, where you can see elephants, hippos, buffalo, warthogs and many more animals, is a hotspot for adventurous expats or tourists. The best time to spot wild animals is during the dry season from January until March.

It is possibile to stay amongst the wildlife for a night in a chalet. The price for basic accommodation is GHS90 (US$40) per night. Note that walking outside the motel is strictly forbidden unless you have an armed ranger. It is also possible to camp near the motel and throughout the park there are campsites as well.

It is reasonably easy to get to Mole National Park by public transport. The options are to travel by bus, tro-tro and chartered taxi.

  • The bus runs every day from the city of Tamale and it takes you approximately six hours to get to Mole National Park.
  • Tro tro runs from Tamale and Bole, however using the tro tro won't be that comfortable because the roads are very bad.
  • Chartered taxi can be quite expensive, but you will save a lot of time because it will only take you three hours to get there.

Elmina Castle

Elmina is a fishing town 10km west of Cape Coast and has one of the biggest attractions in Ghana, Elmina Castle. In 1482, Elmina Castle was built by the Portuguese, and is the oldest European structure south of the Sahara.

Elmina Castle was built to move slaves to other parts of the world by ship. Unfortunately, numerous of slaves did not survive the journey. Elmina Castle is a tourist attraction that is very emotional and sobering at times, especially the “the room of no return”, which was the cell for rebellious slaves, and the female slave dungeons.

You can reach Elimina by taking a tro tro or bus to Cape Coast and from there a shared taxi will cost around GHS1.

Beaches in Ghana

Ghana has a sandy coastline of 540 km and many beaches are undeveloped and waiting to be explored.

Labadi beach, in Accra, the capital of Ghana, is the most famous beach among locals and tourists. The environment is very lively and during the weekend you can enjoy live music, cultural drumming and dancing and performances of reggae and hiplife music. Labadi beach is full of bars and restaurants.

Kokrobite beach has stunning sands and is a 20km ride from Accra. The most exciting attraction is The Academy of Music and Art. The dancers and drummers all over the world perform every Sunday on Kokrobite beach. You can find many private beach huts that can be hired for the day.

Expats and tourists who prefer to relax should definitely visit Busua Beach. There are several hotels located near Busua beach that vary from the luxurious to the simple. Also, you may be able to surf at Busua Beach.

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is one of the most famous national parks in Ghana, and 170km away from Accra. The National Park provides access to the rainforest along with a canopy walk and it also offers an unique viewing perspective of the wildlife and forest plants. The trained guide will walk you around the forest and provide detailed information about the flora and fauna around you. There is campsite for those who want to stay overnight.

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