Studying in Greece - help wanted!!

  • Hi! I would like to study in Greece for a year, but don't know how to get this going. Unfortunatly my university doesn't have any exchange program to Greece - so I have to arrange everything by myself. Are there any agencies that specialize on helping you to get everything arranged? Or do you have any tipps on how to organize this yourself?? Thanks a lot for your help!

    30 May 2007, 11:17 Vero
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  • education

    why don't you try contacting the Greek Ministry of Education (based in Athens) or the local Greek Embassy in your country. Sorry don't have contact numbers.

    Clara 25 Jan 2008, 08:05 - Report
  • i want study in greece,how can u make it real for me

    am ogundipe felix olusoji a nigerian by birth,iwant to continune my studies in Greece but only problem am haveing now is here i sponsur myself although my Diploma and my parent are there any hope???????????.hope to here from u E-mail address is [email removed].

    ogundipe felix olusoji 22 Jul 2008, 12:31 - Report
  • study in greece

    am claudius by name residing in lagos,nigeria but my family are living in dublin.i really need ur help how am going to study in greece because my friend is there an is doing better, i prefer to study in greece also like my friend use to tell me that is the best place to study.pls any help u can render for me i will be very happy. thanks.u can contact me through these.+2348038619480 $[email removed]

    adekunle akinloye claudius 30 Apr 2009, 01:57 - Report
  • help me get visa

    dear friend
    ia am bangladeshy
    i wanto get student visa on this country
    how can get visa easyily
    have any way to get visa
    can any one can help me ?
    i am study in real estate depertment in bangladesh
    we have a online real esatate forum see it thean send me email
    my e-mail: [email removed]

    mohammad abdus salam sony 07 Jun 2009, 01:48 - Report
  • what do i do

    how do i apply to study ecology at postgraduate level in greece,by the way am already a graduate of zoology from a university in Nigeria..Please i need your help. thanks

    tolu 19 Jun 2009, 02:56 - Report
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