Internet in Greece

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Internet in Greece

There are many possibilities for getting connected to the Internet in Greece, be it in terms of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or in type of connection you can get (dial-up, ADSL, public WiFi, 3G, etc.).

During your first day of stay in the country, and before your Internet connection has been set up, a few possibilities exist to still remain connected to the Internet: The first one is to take advantage of the numerous free spot WiFi located around the country. They can be located under: 

A pre-paid card functioning with any land line connection can also be purchased (with NetKey for instance, provided by Forthnet) that will allow you to benefit from a dial-up connection.

Greece has a fixed broadband penetration rate of 19.83% and a total Internet penetration rate of 46.40% (ITU:2010).

In spite of this number that do not somehow look so high, according to SpeedNet, Greece ranks 24th worldwide (Switzerland ranking first - July 2011), and the variation of speed within the country can be looked at under: 

Moreover, mobile broadband penetration rate is fairly high at 67.65% in the country due to an early deployment of HSPA. The 2G spectrum is expected to have completely shifted to 3G and 4G by 2012, and the services can be accessed through pay-as-you-go cards (the prices are roughly of 5 euros for 2GB and 15 euros for 7 GB).

Forthnet is the largest Internet Service Provider provider in Greece. Other ISP includes:

Forthnet for instance offers broadband ADSL and fixed telephony services from 24,75€ per month.

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