Renting a car in Greece

Exploring the country on your own

Renting a car in Greece

Renting a car in Greece will give you freedom to explore its natural beauty and extensive history without relying on public transportation.

The minimum age to rent a car in Greece is 21, but some rental companies may charge more for drivers under 25 years of age.

The international companies such as Avis, Budget Rent A Car and Europcar are based at Athens international airport and also have offices in downtown Athens and multiple locations across the country.

What you need before renting a car in Greece

  • An international driving permit is necessary for non-EU citizens ( a national driving license is accepted for EU citizens)
  • Two photo’s and a small fee
  • Check with the rental company for any special restrictions (eg. car classes for younger drivers)
  • Check if fees need to be paid if you wish to leave Greece with the vehicle.

A few words that will be helpful while driving:

  • Venzinadiko (βενζινάδικο)  - Gas station
  • Diodia (διόδια) - Toll
  • Choros state mefis - Parking
  • Astinomia (Αστυνομια) - Police

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