Very funny: Quotes about Hungarians

  • It is not enough to be Hungarian; you must have talent as well.
    - Alexander Korda

    Those who were thinking logically in Hungary, always despaired.
    - Antal Szerb

    Logic is not what our history teaches us.
    - Gyula Illyés

    Hungarian state of mind: rapturous blues-nursing, jazzed up with rhapsodic
    - Zsuzsanna Ardó

    The legendary Hungarian IQ is efficiently repressed by their lamentable EQ.
    - Zsuzsanna Ardó

    If we look at the aura created for a foreigner today by the word 'Hungarian',
    independent of a Hungarian in the particular Hungary as a political entity,
    the first thing we have to say is that everything decorated with the adjective
    'Hungarian' belongs almost without exception to the field of the exotic, ans
    in particular, to the type we could call the 'European exotic'...
    - István Bibó

    Hmm... could it be then that it is not the authentic, but the simulated
    Hungarian which is the epitome of exotic glamour?
    - Zsuzsanna Ardó

    If I am alone in a room, I am a person. If a woman enters, I become a man.
    And the more of a woman is the woman who enters, the more of a man I
    - Frigyes Karinthy

    Asserting their masculinity is the absolute minimum expected of Hungarian
    - Zsuzsanna Ardó

    Desire is fuelled by all, but fulfilment.
    - Ernő Osvát

    When your soul is seized by madness... then you are in love!
    - József Eötvös

    I was a most virile lad of the time and made no bones about the fact that I
    was a veritable man in my lovemaking. Let her whom I chose for myself
    also go mad and scream with joy, for her boast of it afterwards.
    - Endre Ady

    Make no mistake, Hungarian romance, as most other things Hungarian,
    conforms to and, as usual, self-consciously outdoes other European
    - Zsuzsanna Ardó

    When she hates me, I love her,
    when she loves me, I hate her.
    No other alternative.
    - Péter Esterházy

    What utter baloney. Has no one ever noticed that reading love stories of
    European literature should in fact turn us off being in love?
    - Péter Nádas

    As Europeans of old, Hungarians are in a catharsis in a big way and in a
    dignified fashion, too.
    - Zsuzsanna Ardó

    Wanting everything instantaneously. As if life, her life, was a film in the fast
    - Péter Esterházy

    I like the house, when it is teeming with life, when faces change, and every
    moment is different from the one that comes before. Monotony would kill
    - István Örkény

    Others are altogether different from us... and it is through but pain and pain
    again that we can come to learn this.
    - Ferenc Molnár

    17 May 2007, 10:46 Torsten
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