Business etiquette

Doing business in Hungary

Business etiquette

Doing business in Hungary is different than in many Western countries. Business meetings usually begin with informal small talk about Hungarian food, wine or horses and then gradually progress to official business.

Be on time in Hungary as Hungarians expect punctuality in all matters related to business. Use objective facts for decision making but do not stick too much to a linear agenda. You should establish a relationship with your Hungarian business partner before doing business. Many Hungarians will understand German or English. Be aware that Hungarians enjoy to smoke and do not be surprised if your business partner starts to smoke during a business dinner. They usually do not smoke when you enter into negotiations.

Dress code in Hungary

Hungarians dress in a very conservative manner. Men usually wear dark suits, white shirts and ties. Women are very fashion-conscious. Business in Hungary is still dominated by men and a western business woman should not be surprised if a Hungarian colleague kisses her hand in greeting.

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