School life

Grades, enrolment and school-hours in Hungary

School life

Most students attend Free State schools. Private educational institutions, which are maintained by private organizations, charge fees but receive more than 50% of their funding from government agencies.

Most public schools in Hungary have classes in the morning. There are no afternoon leisure activities offered for students. As the relationship between students tends to be very close, they usually spend most of their afternoons together.

The Hungarian grades:

  • 5 (jeles) "excellent"
  • 4 (jo) "good"
  • 3 (közepes) "satisfactory", literally "mediocre"
  • 2 (elégséges) "adequate"
  • 1 (elégtelen) "unsatisfactory"

Holiday in Hungary

In Hungary, students have two months of summer vacation. The school year begins in September and ends in June. Apart from the summer holidays there are approximately two weeks of vacation in winter and one week in the Easter period.

Religious education

Religious education in Hungarian state schools is voluntary and not compulsory.

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