Running costs

Utilities costs in Hungary

Running costs

The purchase price and mortgage conditions are not the only thing to bear in mind when calculating the affordability of a property. Here are some of the additional costs you are facing when buying a house or flat in Hungary.


If you have a mortgage, you will be required to insure the property. If you do not have a mortgage, it is not compulsory to insure a property. Nevertheless, accidents do happen so we recommend home insurance as a sensible precaution against financial loss in the case of a fire, robbery or natural disaster such as flooding or wind damage.


The figures here are approximate guides; obviously, the actual amount you will need to pay will depend on your consumption, type of property and sometimes in what area it is located:

  • Gas: 24,000 HUF/month (approx. €94)
  • Electricity (e.g. In a 3-roomed flat): 10-15,000 HUF/month (approx. €39-60)
  • Water (with water rates): 8,000 HUF/month (approx. €32)
  • Telephone and Internet: the price varies by package from approx. 8,000 HUF/month (approx. €32)
  • Waste collection: the common cost includes this. It costs approximately 5,000-15,000 HUF/month (approx. €20-60) depending on the size of the property and the area.

Other services

  • Caretaking, cleaning: 1,000 Ft/hour ( approx. € 4)
  • Rental Agents: if you are renting your property out, an agent will normally take 20% of the annual gross income.

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