Private schools in India

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Private schools in India

Even though India offers free primary education, many Indians rather send their children to private schools. Their costs, compared to international standards, are still at a very low level.

Despite many legal obligations there is a great variety of private schools in India. Although 80 per cent of all schools in India are still state run, private schools keep springing up like mushrooms.

Private schools in India are usually run by religious groups or as part of an international school network. Since they are privately funded, they have better equipment than public schools. Their student teacher ratios are much better as well and they usually also offer extra-curricular activities, such as sports, music and drama classes, and science clubs.

International schools in India usually follow curriculum of their home country. Their classes are usually held in English, and sometimes in the local language as well. This increases the students' chances of studying abroad. Final exams usually match the ones of their home countries, such as the British A-Level. In addition, some schools offer their students to take Indian final exams as well.

Recognition of private schools in India

Opening and running a private school in India can be a life task as you need up to fourteen different licenses from four different public authorities! Due to that, many private schools in India are operated illegally. You need to make sure beforehand whether your desired school’s diploma will eventually be recognized.

Diplomas from international schools that are equal to the ones you would get in their respective home countries are usually recognized internationally. Indian degrees offered by private schools may or may not be recognized. This especially concerns schools led by religious organizations, as they often only offer Indian degrees.

Although the operation of unrecognized schools in India has been made illegal, the problem itself it not yet solved and it might take years until the bureaucratic effort to run a private school is lowered to a sensible degree. Until then, your best choice of private school in India remains an international school from your home country.

Tuition fees at private schools in India

Many Indians send their children to private schools run by religious groups. Their tuition fees are the lowest of all Indian private schools. They also offer free lunch and sometimes free teaching material. That is why low caste members often choose these schools.

As tuition fees in India are generally low, most expatriates can easily afford even more expensive international schools. Their actual fees then depend on each school. Factors such as the number of extra-curricular activities and the pursued degree have an influence on the height of the fees as well.

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