Finding a job

How to find a job in India

Finding a job

The easiest way of finding a job in India is through your current employer or personal contacts. If you don’t have any contacts or your contacts are not helpful, the best way to find a job is via Internet.

For lower positions, walk-in applicants are quite common in India. In branches with an especially high labour demand recruitment is done on university campuses.

Job websites

With the increasing demand for labour, job websites have become very popular in India. They provide a good overview of the job market. Usually you will be able to either directly browse through job offers or upload your CV. Most of the sites are available in English.

Many companies also have listings of vacancies on their websites, so they are worth checking as well.

Jobs in newspapers

Indian newspapers usually have a job vacancy section. You should also check their websites for the most recent offers. Indian newspapers include:

It is also worth checking regional newspapers because some jobs are only advertised locally. For expatriate jobs, you should also check out some of the English magazines in India, many of them have classifieds sections.

Recruitment agencies in India

Many international recruitment agencies and, to a lesser extent, Indian agencies, offer recruitment services in India.

Be aware that many agencies charge horrendous sums without offering any service. To make sure that your agency is trustworthy, ask Indian friends and co-workers to help you find an accredited agent. Compare prices in advance and never make payments without having received any service.

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