Health and life insurance for expats in Indonesia

Public and private cover

Health and life insurance for expats in Indonesia

The Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) is the national health insurance programme of Indonesia. Expats living and working in Indonesia for 6 months or more are required to become a member of the programme. Standardly offered to all employees within the formal work sector, the JKN covers basic medical and non-medical coverage. The cover is limited however, with life insurance other medical coverage needing to be purchased separately.

How does the JKN work?

Formally employed expats working in Indonesia will pay 1% of their salary towards the JKN, with their employer paying a further 4%. Informa and self-employed workers and investors pay fixed monthly premiums ranging from IDR 25,500 to 59,500 in system of first, second and third-tier healthcare cover.

Typically, the JKN will cover medical examinations, treatment, in-patient care, ambulance services, morgue services and administrative services.  

Preparing extra coverage

Life insurance in Indonesia

Although morgue services are provided within the JKN, no further support is offered should the worst happen. Most expats working in Indonesia receive great benefits themselves and all those dependent on them such as housing, schooling and transportation. Having life insurance means their futures are protected and the option to stay in Indonesia remains available.

Whilst searching for life insurance, look out for companies that understand the needs of an expat. Regency for Expats recently launched a life insurance plan  specifically for expats, with bereavement support and 24-hour assistance available in English. The plan is also transferable across countries, which is ideal for expats who move around a lot.

Medical care for natural disasters

The Pacific ‘ring of fire’ is a part of the earth that has the most active volcanoes in the world, and Indonesia sits right along this part of the world. Natural disaster cover is extremely important to have in Indonesia and is not included in JKN. Supplement your basic coverage with insurance that will cover costs for injuries, illness and damages due to earthquakes, floods and tsunamis.

Riots and terror attacks

JKN does not include support needed after incidents such as political/religious protests and terrorist attacks so for your peace of mind, you should look for this cover elsewhere. Be aware that not every terrorism insurance policy includes all forms of political risk. Interpretation of what constitutes as a terrorist attack or a politically motivated riot differs from company to company so always read policies thoroughly before committing to the right one for you.

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