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How to start house hunting in Indonesia

Property search

If you are finding accommodation without the help of your employer, using a combination of the internet, classifieds and housing agents is the best way to get a full picture of what’s available on the market.

Internet searches

There are a lot of websites which provide information about the available property in Indonesia. By searching on the internet you can avoid the agency fees, or at least get an initial idea of what’s out there, and for how much. There are lots of internet rental sites, each with different properties advertised, so it will take time to feel as though you have seen the full range on offer. Here are some of the online options to get you started:  - You can use the quick search to find apartments by region. You can also find houses, sublets by lease term, furnished or unfurnished apartments.  - Listings of apartment rentals in Jakarta.

Many of the housing complexes are advertised by the individual property developer/companies. Word of mouth and other expat recommendations are a method of house-hunting not to be ignored.

Newspaper classifieds

Other than that, there is also the real estate section in Indonesian Newspapers that highlights the main real estate companies in the region. Each real estate agent displays a few listings of properties they can update regularly in order to keep you up to date with the property market in Indonesia. Landlords can also advertise here. You can also find a listing of top global real estate agents online with offices in Indonesia. Newspaper classifieds may offer a different selection or properties, so it’s worth checking both online and in the paper.

If you are looking to Indonesia from an investment perspective, there are various property shows that take place to showcase real estate offerings from the most established property developers. These events are generally for two days showcasing developments and they provide potential attendees with an overview of the properties available for investment.


Once in the country you can visit local rental agents in person. They will have a good knowledge of what’s available in the local area and then be able to assist you personally. The advantage of an agent is that they do all the groundwork and will deal with landlords for you, hopefully obtaining the best deal. To find a reputable agent ask around in expat communities.

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