How to rent a car in Indonesia

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How to rent a car in Indonesia

If you are renting a car while you get settled in Indonesia, or if you plan to make a trip, it is advised that you also hire a driver.

Driving in Indonesia will be very different and unfamiliar to any Western driver as no one on the road seems to respect any rules and not a lot of rules are seemingly present. Therefore it is recommended that you hire a driver as they will be used to the road conditions, also in case of any damage to the car (which is likely) it will fall on the driver and not on you.

If you are hiring a car it is best to use from a local company as international companies will most likely charge high rates. A foreign drivers licence will be fine if you wish to drive yourself.

When picking up the hire car you will need the following documents:

  • Your passport
  • Your driving licence (from your native country)
  • A credit or debit card that has enough money on it to cover the cost of the rental

If, instead of a hire car, you hire a driver and taxi and you plan on a journey that will require an overnight stay, you are expected to pay for his accommodation and food for the night. A tip is also customary. It is also advised that you sort out all of the financial details before you begin the journey so that all is clear in terms of paying for the fare. Make sure that the taxi driver does not use the meter and sticks to a fixed price otherwise the fare will be far too expensive.

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