Decorating your home office

How to design the perfect work-from-home space

Decorating your home office

Lots of people who choose to move abroad do so because they have the luxury of working for themselves. If you’re self-employed and you’ve opted to relocate to Ireland, take a look at this handy guide which has been created to help you design the perfect home office.

Designate a space

Running your business empire from the dining room table or the cosy corner of the sofa isn’t the way forward. Designating a space in your home, whether it be a small box room or a shed in the garden, will keep your work separate from your private life and give you space to concentrate.


No one wants to work in a blank shell of a room. That said, crazy wallpaper and bursts of colours are the last thing you want when you’re stressing about an upcoming business deal.

Opt for calm, warm colours like greens and browns to create a tranquil working environment. Provide plenty of storage for files and documents, to keep your desk – and mind – clutter-free, whilst making sure that everything is at hand should you need it.

Home office decorating

Why not take a look at Houzz  for some more inspiration and ideas to decorate your home office?

Make it client friendly

You might be spending the majority of your time working alone, but chances are there may be occasions when you have to receive clients in your workspace. When this situation arises, you’ll want your business, no matter how small, to appear professional and efficient.

Make sure there is adequate seating and space to spread documents. If you plan to offer refreshments (which you absolutely should) use attractive cups and plates to boost your impression. You’ll have them signing that contract in no time.

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