Internet cafés

Where to go online without a connection at home

Internet cafés

If you don't have access to a computer at home or at work, then Internet cafés are the next best thing. They generally aren't too expensive and can be easily found, especially in city centres.

Internet cafés will charge between 0.75-4.00 Euros an hour. Once you purchase access time, any time you have left over will not be refunded.

Fees tend to only give you access to the computer and the Internet. Just about everything else might carry an extra charge: printing, scanning, and even copying files to and from disks. Some larger cafés have begun billing additionally for the right to use spreadsheet or word processing programs (i.e. Microsoft Excel or Word).

Internet can also be found in other public locations, such as in post offices, airports or libraries. Some charge for the internet while others provide it for free.

You can also find normal cafés that provide a Wi-Fi connection for customers – just bring your laptop along. One of the most popular locations for this is Starbucks.

Some internet providers now also sell 3G keys, which enable you to get connected to the internet regardless of your position. These come in two forms: pay as you go or contract. If you choose a contract, the rental price of the modem (key) is included within.

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