Business incentives

Grants for businesses in Israel

Business incentives

Small businesses and entrepreneurs may receive assistance from the Ministry for Immigration and Absorption. This includes business training, networking and some grants. Government funds from Israel's Investment Centre provide financial assistance to larger corporations in developing areas or in specialised industries.

Israel wants to promote business and industry, and it will award grants to companies in rural areas or cities with high rates of unemployment. Your area and business size determine your amount of assistance, but employment grants are typically between 10 and 25% of your employees' salaries.

For more specific information about the types of grants available and who qualifies, consult Israel's Investment Promotion Centre .

Research incentives

Israel's Office of the Chief Scientist awards grants to research and development companies. Some companies may receive grants of up to 50% of their projected costs. International grants are also available to Israeli companies who coordinate research with foreign R&D companies. You can find more information about these grants and qualifications on their website .

Investment incentives

The Israeli Investment Centre awards two types of status to larger companies: Approved Enterprise status and Privileged Enterprise status. Approved Enterprise status gives you a grant of up to 24% of your investment costs. Privileged Enterprise status gives you deductions on company tax (some companies with this status pay as little as 10%).

Companies in the industrial, research and development, and tourism sectors receive Approved and Privileged statuses most frequently.

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