Types of accomodations and amenities


Property in the Israeli real estate market is divided into five types of accommodations: cottages, duplexes, flats, penthouses and villas.

Advertisements might list only the number of rooms or square feet available. In these cases, ask the landlord about your type of property.

Types of housing

Cottages - Cottages are homes with gardens. They are attached to one or two neighbouring cottages.

Duplexes - Duplexes are two- or three-storey apartments in a block of other duplexes or flats. You might share walls with neighbours to your right, left, above, and below. Some duplexes have balconies.

Flats - Flats are one-storey apartments. Like duplexes, you might be surrounded by neighbours. Some flats may come with balconies. Flats are the most common type of housing in Israel.

Penthouses - Penthouses are at the tops of apartment buildings. They usually consist of an entire floor. This ensures that there are no neighbours above or next to you. Penthouses are the most expensive type of apartment.

Villa - A villa is a free-standing home with a garden. No property or walls are shared with those of neighbours. Many villas have balconies. Villas are the most expensive type of house.

Important terms for housing

If you want special amenities in your apartment such as air conditioning, be sure to ask for them. Some basic terms are:

Chaniah – parking

Geena – garden

Hasakah – central heating

Maalit – elevator

Mazgan – air conditioning

Mirpeset – balcony

Sukkah – porch or patio

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