Learning Hebrew

How to learn the language

Learning Hebrew

Language classes, languages exchanges, and online courses are great ways to familiarise yourself with the Hebrew language. If you live in a large metropolitan area with a university department in Jewish Studies, you may be able to take a course in Hebrew there.

If you are Jewish and plan on immigrating (aliyah), contact your Jewish legal agent (shaliach) for resources and more information on learning the language.

Websites can teach some of the basics, as well as help arrange a class or instructor.

Language exchanges are also a way to practice Hebrew in a social environment. Many websites offer face-to-face exchanges, text exchange, or penpal-writing. If you do not live in a metropolitan area, it may be difficult to find someone to practice Hebrew with in a face-to-face setting. Letters and video-chats are alternative methods of communication.

Another option to consider is an ulpan-course (plural: ulpanim). Ulpanim are intense language-immersion courses which are available to new immigrants (oleh) seeking to become citizens.

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