Shipments and electronic appliances


You must pay customs taxes after shipping goods to Israel. New immigrants are allowed three large shipments of goods to Israel.

Import taxes must be paid on all large personal property shipments, and packages will be held at Customs. To release these packages from Customs, you must bring a valid passport or visa and proof of residency (e.g. apartment contract).

You may bring large appliances to Israel, typically one of each type of appliance (e.g. one refrigerator, one washing machine, etc). You can also bring smaller appliances and electronics such as blenders, coffee makers and computers. The Israel Tax Authority  has a complete list of taxes and restrictions on personal goods.

If you bring electronics to Israel, you might need to buy electrical plugs. Israel has a unique electrical plug, but plugs from continental Europe can be used in Israel with a little difficulty. Israel's electricity runs between 220-240 Volts. You may also need to purchase an adapter for high-energy electronics like hair dryers.

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