Israeli naturalization and national insurance


If you want to become a naturalized citizen, you must have lived in Israel for at least three years. Regardless of citizenship status, all residents must pay for national insurance.

Jewish immigrants are granted citizenship upon arrival in Israel. Non-Jewish residents may apply for naturalization after living for three years out of the previous five in Israel. To be naturalized, non-Jews must intend to reside permanently in Israel and renounce their previous nationality.

Residents apply for naturalization to the Ministry of the Interior. Citizenship is granted by the Minister of the Interior. Citizenship may be denied to residents who have a criminal record or pose a threat to state security.

National insurance

The government provides social security and welfare through its national insurance programme. National insurance includes healthcare, unemployment services and pensions.

Upon arriving in Israel as an immigrant or resident, you must register with the National Insurance Institute. This can be done at a local branch or at the National Insurance Institute's website .

Employers typically make payments to the National Insurance Institute for you. If you are self-employed, you must send in those payments yourself.

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  • Al, 14 January 2013 Reply


    This is incorrect. There is no path for naturalization in Israel – other than through the very narrow path of marriage between an Israeli and a non Israeli - for non Jews.