Blocking premium numbers

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Blocking premium numbers

If you don't want to use expensive premium numbers, there is a system to block surcharge numbers that is determined by a PIN payment. It allows only you to activate or deactivate the blocking service. You can get this same service free of charge, but you block the numbers permanently.

If you want to activate the blocking service by PIN, there are a few steps you must follow. Your fixed telephone has a standard PIN (usually: 0000) from the manufacturer which needs to be changed. To change your number, you press:

*99* + old PIN* + new PIN* + new PIN#

The second entry of your new PIN is just to confirm your number. Your PIN has to contain four numbers, and for safety you should not repeat the same digit four times.

Specific groups and categories of premium codes are blocked by programs. The process to activate the block is always the same (all you have to do is specify which program you want). For a list of programs and what they block, consult Cable Com's website . It's only possible to have one active program at a time. When you activate a new program, your current one will be deactivated.

To activate your program by PIN, you need to press *33*[PIN]*SP# (the # has to be replaced with the specific program number).

To deactivate the block, all you have to do is press #33*[PIN]#.

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