Entry into Italy for EU Nationals

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Entry into Italy for EU Nationals

EU nationals do not need a residence permit to stay in Italy.

From 2008, EU citizens who wish to stay in Italy for periods not exceeding 3 months should report their presence on Italian territory to the local Police authorities filling out the relevant form (pdf 44 Kb). They will be issued a duly stamped copy that must be shown whenever requested by Police. If they fail to comply with the obligation to report they will be deemed to stay in Italy for a period exceeding 3 months.

EU citizens who wish to stay in Italy for a period exceeding 3 months should register with the local Anagrafe (population register of the place of residence) for the district they reside in. Documents needed for the registration should attest that they work, study or attend vocational training courses.

Otherwise evidence must be given to have sufficient financial resources as well as to be covered by a sickness insurance policy for the duration of one's stay in Italy.

EU citizens who have applied for a residence permit before 11 April 2007 are entitled to register with Anagrafe by simply submitting the receipt issued by Questura or by Italian Post Offices as well as a self-certifying statement that the above-mentioned requirements are met.

For stays of more than 3 months family members of EU citizen who are not EU nationals need to apply for a residence permit to the local Questura or to a Post Office (please use the application kit with a yellow stripe).

The application must include the following documents: an identity document or valid passport with an entry visa (if required); proof of the family link to an EU citizen; a receipt certifying that the family member has applied for registration to Anagrafe.

Family members of an EU citizen who are not EU nationals may apply for a permanent residence card after five years of continuous residence.

Application for permanent residence must be made to the Questura of the place of residence before the residence permit expires.

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