Solicitors for buying in Italy

  • We are in the process of moving to Italy but are unsure whether to use an English speaking Italian solicitor or an Italian speaking English one. We are looking to buy in Le Marche. Do we trust the Estate Agents solicitor?? Does anyone have any recommendations please??

    16 May 2008, 04:15 David & Liz
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  • Buying in Italy

    Hello, my name is Cateryna. I am a markiting director of a huge company, which is called Toscana Progect .Please contact me ,and I will answer all your questions.
    I'm wooking foward to hearing from you.
    tel. 338.9204535

    Cateryna 09 Jul 2008, 05:45 - Report
  • Buying - Moving to Italy

    Marconi & Holden LLP is a an Italian/UK law firm offering real estate services and citzenship assistance. They are made up of Italian lawyers who speak english and based in London, English solicitors and Italian lawyers in Italy. They would be able to offer you all the advice & services you need. They are regulated by the law society and have client care quality targets. Check out

    T Jones 22 Jul 2008, 11:54 - Report
  • English Speaking Italian lawyers

    Hi David & Liz

    Giambrone Law is one of the leading Anglo-Italian law firms in the UK with several Italian lawyers.They have a specialist Italian Real Estate Team (headed by Avv. Tanda, a Senior Italian lawyer) in the London office & the solicitor based in Manchester (Adam Pavey) is also fluent Italian speaker and has been advising several Brits buying in Italy for a long time. Their fees are very reasonable and competitive compared to similar international firms in the UK.

    Differently from other UK-based firms, their parters are all qualified in Italy as Avvocati but also regulated by the UK Law Society.

    You can check their website at or you can contact Carol Topp ([email removed] or 0207 353 6800) who will be pleased to help you with your purchase.

    At least you can rest assured that - being UK based - they are completely independent from the vendor or the estate agent!

    Italian_Lover 23 Aug 2008, 06:38 - Report
  • diritti e doveri

    quando si vende un apparatamento il venditore è libero di portare via la caldaia a gas oppure no?

    francesco 22 Sep 2008, 06:43 - Report
  • independent legal adviser

    You can contact Avv. Giandomenico De Tullio, partner of detulliolawfirm (www.detulliolawfirm).
    The firm is completely independent, highly qualified and has a former notary public as partner.

    Mark 25 Sep 2008, 05:37 - Report
  • English speaking lawyers

    Probably the biggest risk in buying property in another country in a language unfamiliar to you is knowing whether or not the money you are transferring from your bank is going to the real owner of the property. By sending your money through your local law firm you are usually protected by their insurance. Thats the short answer. Like many others, I am a lawyer that can provide this service. ( )

    James Burton 19 Oct 2008, 01:07 - Report
  • English speaking Italian lawyers / Solicitor

    De Tullio Law Firm is a italian law firm provided property lawyers. Giandomenico De Tullio holds a “cum laude” law degree from Bari University and an LLM in European business law from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels Free University).
    He is Member of the Bar of Taranto, enrolled since 1998.

    De Tullio Law Firm 17 Nov 2008, 05:58 - Report
  • Best Law Firm Lawyers

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