Company registration

What are the legal requirements?

Company registration

Companies must register through the Register of Enterprises, with limited liability companies keeping corporate books, while the rest must keep journals and inventories.

The following article will help you to be aware of and understand what legal requirements exist when registering a company in Italy, and what you must do before you begin operating as a business. There are many forms and documents that must be submitted before opening your doors, so be careful to pay close attention to the following information.


Public deed of incorporation / company bylaws

Before heading to a public notary, it is necessary to draft and execute a public deed of incorporation including the company’s bylaws. This legally documents the creation of your company and therefore you must include such information as the company name and address. This can be handed in to the notary by the quota holders or authorized representatives of the company. This action includes notarial fees and the registration tax which must be paid within 20 days.


Corporate books and accounting books

The law regarding corporate and accounting books is set by the Italian Civil Code, and registration is done through a notary or Register of Enterprises. Limited liability companies (SRL-s) must keep corporate books such as a minute book of board of directors’ meetings and a minute book of board of Statutory Auditors. Both books must be valid for authentication. Other companies must have 2 accounting books - journal and inventory. You can buy these books at specific stores or through a notary public with no need for authentication.


Government grant tax

Government tax must be paid yearly by each company. The amount depends on the amount of the company’s social capital. If the social capital is under 516,456,90 EUR, the government tax amounts to 309.87 EUR. If above, the necessary tax to be paid is 516.46 EUR. The payment is done through the Tax Revenues Authority  (Agenzia delle Entrate).

Registration through Comunicazione Unica

Companies are required to electronically file a single notice to the Register of Enterprises. The documentation must include forms requested by the following organisations:

(i) Registro Impreso ,

(ii) Agenzia delle Entrante 

(iii) by INPS   and INAIL  .

In addition, the company has to present a certified email address with the registration documents. After registration the company will receive the documentation within 7 days. These documents include a tax identification number, VAT number and registration paperwork from Social Security Register (INPS) and Accident Insurance Office (INAIL).


Notify the competent Labor Office (DPLMO)

Before hiring personnel, the company must notify the Provincial Office (Direzione Provinciale del Lavoro e della Massima Occupazione, DPLMO). This must be done at least one day before the employee starts working.

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