How to get internet access in Japan


Internet access is readily available in Japan, whether at home, on a mobile, or in an internet café.

Broadband connections are the standard in Japan, with many companies offering connection speeds up to 1 Gigabyte per second (Gbps).

Japanese Internet Service Providers (ISPs) include ASAHI Net, J:COM and SpinNet, all of which offer various types of high-speed internet connections. These companies also offer bundle packages that include internet, television, and phone service together. Basic home internet access costs a few thousand yen a month, though it can be found even cheaper outside of major cities.

Simply call the ISP of your choice or visit its website to purchase access. Depending on the connection you choose and the technology you have at home, you may need to schedule an appointment for installation. Obviously, any required installation will cost extra.

Japanese people do not rely solely on home internet connections for access. Since Japanese mobile phones operate on the 3G network, most Japanese people prefer to access their email and internet through their mobile phones as well as laptop and home computers.

Wireless internet in Japan

Wireless internet is just as popular as wired connections in Japan. The major ISPs all offer wireless service, and there are wireless hotspots located across Japan. Some bars and cafés even offer free wireless internet access. Try and avoid sending or viewing personal or bank information over free wireless connections, however, as they may not be secure. If you use a wireless connection at home, make sure to properly secure it before using it for banking or business.

Internet cafés

Internet cafés supplement home and mobile internet with access you can purchase by the hour. They are usually located near train stations, and sometimes are open 24 hours. Most sell food and drinks.

You should not rely on internet cafés as your sole means of internet access, however, as they may not be secure for sending financial and personal information. Nonetheless, they are an excellent backup option for travellers looking to browse the web or check their email.

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