ATMs and transferring money

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ATMs and transferring money

It’s easy to withdraw money in all the major cities in Kazakhstan, with ATMs usually found on every street or so. It may prove to be more of a challenge in the smaller towns or villages so make sure you’re stocked up on cash if you’re planning on venturing to any of these parts. The main currency of Kazakhstan is the tenge, but some large sums of money, like when you’re buying a house or a car, may be asked for in US dollars.

International services

There is a booming finance industry in Kazakhstan so international banking services are generally well-supported in all the major cities. You should be able to withdraw money with most bank cards (Visa, Maestro and Mastercard are commonly accepted), although expect it to occasionally get rejected. Most ATMs only dispense money in tenge but there are a few in the centres of the large cities that stock dollars. Ask the locals where these are located as they will probably know from their own use.

Money transfers

While travellers cheques are not accepted in Kazakhstan, it is possible to send and transfer money easily. Most banks are connected internationally and provide transfer services that don’t require much hassle. There is also a large number of Western Union branches, mostly concentrated in the cities, through which you can send and receive money easily.

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