I am Looking for business partner for Maldives

  • I am Ashraf from Maldives Island, i am a sales & Marketing Manager of Lemorios Holidays Maldives, and we are one of the leading travel agencies in Maldives. We provide one of the most valued vacations in the Maldives. With our great services, convenience and value, our first priority is to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. We provide a wide variety of tourist services, specializing in diving, cruise handling, guest handling, sailing, resorts accommodating and accommodating business meetings.

    Our company is widely affiliated, and dealing with the widest resorts, hotels and safaris operating in the Maldives. We are now looking for a co- operate based travel agent in abroad to work with us for our loyal customer demands worldwide. I am sure this would be very great opportunity for you to make good business , as you know Maldives is a very famous Holiday Destination in the world.

    Maldives offers unlimited assistance and conveniences to all businessmen and investors. The right partnerships between overseas investors and Maldivian businesses have led to astounding commercial success. The number of foreign companies investing in the Maldives is growing in areas such as manufacturing and exporting, creation of well known hotels and managing resorts. This is contributed to the amazing success investors combined with our legendary culture of innovation and excellence.

    The Maldives offers a clear security policy for all foreign investors.

    Foreign investors are offered a transparent policy environment under article
    25/79 of the law on foreign investments, guaranteeing the security of investments. In addition our liberal trade environment, dynamic private sector and development-oriented legal structure all contribute to a conducive climate for trade and investment.

    The Maldives has a strong record of political stability resulting from homogenous nature of our society with one culture, one religion and one language. Thus the ethnic and political unrest that can disrupt economic activities elsewhere are practically non-existent in the Maldives.

    The country is an income tax and corporate tax haven. The vast untapped potential in natural marine resources and the young, energetic and trainable workforce are strong inducements to invest in the Maldives, as has been proven by many successful foreign investors.

    Foreign Investors may choose either of the following business arrangements when investing in the Maldives:

    * Joint ventures with local partners
    * Wholly owned foreign investments.

    Incentives for investors

    * No personal or corporate income tax

    * No tax on profit, value added tax, property tax or capital gains tax

    * No exchange restrictions

    * 100 percent foreign ownership or joint ventures

    * No restrictions on repatriation of capital or profits

    * Streamlined foreign investment procedures

    * Long term leasing of land

    * Freedom to use expatriate labor (managerial, technical or unskilled)

    * Low duties on exports-waivers for approved projects

    we have been involved vastly in the Travel Tourism & Hospitality Industry for the last 10 years in the Maldives
    During all those years of point blank observation we have realized that the following types of investments can reward us quite handsomely

    Remote Island Resort operation in the Maldives
    Investing to open a Resort Hotel in the Maldives: 50 - 80 rooms (estimated 30 million us$ for 20 years)
    Total investment to be covered is estimated within minimum 5 - 6 years depending on the markets and rates we sell the rooms annually and the remaining 14 years relax on the sunny beach counting the profits.

    An excellent opportunity, for investment in the Maldives. Payback, within 6 years.

    Safari vessel operation in the Maldives
    Investing to build a safari vessel for operation in the Maldives: 12 rooms (24 pax) (2.5 million us$)
    Total investment will be covered within maximum 2-3 years and for the next 10 - 15 years it’s all profits until the vessel is unusable for operation.

    It’s estimated starting from a single safari it’s quite common practice in the Maldives that every 2 year another extra vessel is build by the safari operators due to the high profitability and quick coverage of the investment.

    On a personal note I am a total craze when it comes for safari operation. I need a foreign partner to invest for this project as 50% shareholders each. I can take the full responsibility of managing plus operating the safari in the Maldives and market to European clients from Australia, Germany, France, USA, China, and some other more countries. This is Jack pot business in Maldives now


    if you need more further information please contact me

    Best Regard


    16 Aug 2008, 07:41 Ashraf
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    PHONE CONTACT: 008821655588217


    EMAIL sad )

    WEBSITE for my late father funeral



    Dear M.r Ashraf

    I am sorry to embarrass you with my personal problem. I am called Norman Lansana, the son of late deputy minister of defense MR. Samuel Hinga Norman of sierra Leone who died on 22 February 2007 in military hospital in Dakar (Senegal). Before the death of my father He handed to me a deposit certificate wealth 10.5 million united state dollars and told me not to invest in Sierra Leone due to wars. Unfortunately, I cannot do it alone, due to my present social status and total ignorance of business world

    I have decided to look for the participation of an honest and trustworthy person or company who will assist me in investing the fund on properties or real estates and be come partnership with me, I shall give to you 20% of the fund for your assistance to relocate this fund to your country and for reinvestment. Please, you must maintain confidentiality to ensure success, please indicate your personal phone number, Full names, and company name .call me as soon as you read this mail.


    God bless you

    Norman Lansana

    NORMAN LANSANA 26 Sep 2008, 10:26 - Report
  • business sponsor in oman

    I am a Oman national and I am offering to be a sponsor for any LLC company or PLC company for an annual fee only depending on the nature of your business. Please feel free to contact me on mobile + email for further information and assistance. Please specify in the email all details regarding business nature, partners, etc.



    Uthamn 27 Sep 2008, 09:38 - Report
  • Partner

    Mr Ashraf I saw your publication that you are looking for a partner, I feel I am very fit for what you are looking for

    I have a traveling agency but I am a Nigerian

    We carry out tourists to various countries of the world.

    Princess Lawrence 13 Oct 2008, 06:37 - Report
  • i can do that

    please contact me ,insha allah we can do this

    0094 0773-403538

    rushdi 26 Oct 2008, 12:41 - Report
  • help me to invest in your country

    From: Mrs Susan moyo
    mobile: +27838801467

    Attn: Director,


    could you please pay Attention to my proposal, I am Mrs Susan moyo from Zimbabwe, I lost my beloved husband some months back he was killed by our president Robert Mugabe troops, my husband was among the Army officers in my country Zimbabwe, they kill him because he refuse in ridging the recent Zimbabwe election.
    Please i need your assistance, he left us with some money which was deposited in one of Security Company here in South Africa, and we are living in South Africa as Refugees/Asylum seekers.

    All i need from you is to stand as the beneficiary of this money, send me your mobile number, every document is with my family legal adviser, the amount he left for us is $9.5 million dollars, please for more details call my son Ephraim moyo on our mobile line on top.

    Thanks and God bless you.
    Mrs Susan moyo
    For the family

    Mrs Susan moyo 03 Jan 2009, 01:08 - Report
  • hotel bessans in sri lanka

    Do you like to open and bessans with me in sri lanka.
    Call me 0094714206205
    My name is Lasith

    Mr. Lasith C Makalanda 04 Feb 2009, 07:32 - Report


    all the above proposal that is in millions are scam beware...

    Good guy

    good guy 09 Mar 2009, 07:20 - Report
  • Business Partner for POS Sofware

    We are looking for a partner for retail Software and Hotel Management software. Call us 0094-0714-268480, email , web www.es-pos.com

    Thank You

    Nishantha Mahawatta 30 Mar 2009, 07:49 - Report
  • can anyone perform as sponsor for my business proposal

    Dear all,
    I am looking for sponsor to establish production company in my country Uzbekistan. It is great country, secure and highly developing. Looking into setting up premium water production system. I would like to invite anyone who can go for it with me.
    thank you so much
    look forward to hearing from you
    cell. +998934925897

    Muzaffar Djuraev 19 Apr 2009, 05:43 - Report
  • Smart Programming ltd

    Hello Sir

    I am the director of Smart Programming LTD. We are AMX dealers in the United Kingdom and we are experts in Home Automation, Board room Instillation, Video Confference Museum Education Department Installation, Interactive Installation, Interactive Advertising, Visitor Centres, Touch Screen control, Ave Audio Visual Installation, point of Sale Kiosk and Interactive Information Screens. I am looking for business clients in the UAE. Systems integrators in Security & fire safety systems, audio/video & music solutions, intelligent automation & building management systems, hotel technology solutions. If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

    Kind Regards


    Mansoor Ahmed

    Shaheen Zaki

    Business Development Consultant

    Smart Programming LTD

    20 Thurlston Crescent

    Crumpsall Manchester

    M/8 0QB

    UK, England

    Tel: 0044(0)161-2779373

    Mobile: 0044(0)7770983777

    Mansoor Ahmed 22 Apr 2009, 01:30 - Report
  • real estate business opportunity

    I am a Benin based real estate agent and I help interested people all over the word buying agricultural lands in my country.It is a fast growing market because of the global food crisis.the northern countries are all looking to buy lands from the southern countries.the ROI is more than 30% and it is easy for the foreigners to set up a business here.our tax system is very tolerant especially for foreign investors who create employment and participate in development.
    I work in a small agency that unfortunately in my opinion do not appreciate all the market's opportunities, so I decided to look for people who might be interested.
    I am looking for a partner or an investor who will agree to buy the farmland to local farmers or municipalities and then we'll sell to foreign farmers or foreign agricultural companies.
    with a capital of $ 1,000,000, we can buy up to 3000 hectares then we can sell up to 1.3 of the purchase value.ei a final income of $ 1,300,000,
    if you are interested or you know someone who might be, do not hesitate to answer me.
    your questions,your suggestion,your advices are welcome.
    email me at or give me a call at +22993941981

    tokandji 04 May 2009, 09:19 - Report
  • Foreign business partner for safari boat

    im building safari boat in maldives which complete 35% i want some to join me in this business or an investor


    Ahmed 08 May 2009, 11:39 - Report
  • Hotel Salcia Danube Delta looking for investment partner

    I whole team hotel Salcia Maliuc (Danube Delta) to strive to achieve maximum performance in order to create for you, our customers, the best conditions and comfortable in our hotel.

    Fresh remobilat, our hotel is remarkable and style with comfort and impeccable service that ensures an unforgettable holiday in the naturalness of the Danube Delta.

    Hotel Salcia Danube Delta looking for investment partner.
    Salcia hotel is located in the heart of the Danube Delta and is a tourist complex.Romania !

    Carmen Ciocan 04 Jul 2009, 06:20 - Report
  • Looking for a business partner

    Dear all,
    I am looking for sponsor to establish any kind of bussines in Maldives. It is great country,a well-known holiday destination. The Maldives offers a clear security policy for all foreign investors. I would like to invite anyone who can go for it with me.
    thank you so much
    look forward to hearing from you

    Rasheed 16 Jul 2009, 08:26 - Report
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