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  • Don't you think Kuwait needs more museums, libraries, book stores, cultural centers?...it is so lacking these qualities...

    23 May 2007, 06:10 Larry
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  • Reply to Larry

    Larry, my friend, you are so right, they lack culture and education, to speak frankly... I lived there for 8 months, I came, not for the money, like most people, but to know the culture. I was about to die of boredom. Well, silly me, Kuwait ain't the place for any cultural manifestations. I don't mean to be rude, but they've fallen from the camel's hump a few decades ago, right in the Jaguar or Benz and since their only interest is to get a bottle of booze and go shopping, they don't really have time to develop their culture. Let's wish them luck in the future!

    q8nevermore 27 Jun 2007, 12:17 - Report
  • q8nevermore

    ''Larry, my friend, you are so right, they lack culture and education, to speak frankly... I lived there for 8 months, I came, not for the money, like most people, but to know the culture. I was about to die of boredom. Well, silly me, Kuwait ain't the place for any cultural manifestations. I don't mean to be rude, but they've fallen from the camel's hump a few decades ago, right in the Jaguar or Benz and since their only interest is to get a bottle of booze and go shopping, they don't really have time to develop their culture. Let's wish them luck in the future''

    You sound as if you wouldn't know culture if it hit you in the face.
    Did you visit any museums? Go to any weddings, drink tea in a tent with a Kuwaiti family, visit any mosques.

    Oh get back to whatever stone you crawled out under and re emerge after another 8 months in vetro.....8 months! Wow, such a long time t 'know' a people.

    Q8EVERmore 11 Jul 2007, 11:23 - Report
  • Kuwait suckss

    i live in kuwait , and kuwait sucks, but i got no other choice but to live with the kuwaiti selfish community who only care for a lexus and a mercedes, they love money to no limits ! coz i gota earn some living, even with this earning, we get humilated by them, f*** them ! kuwaiti's never respect, never feel with the poor, f*** them and f*** their selfish attitude

    No name 28 Sep 2007, 09:25 - Report
  • oh no Kuwait is indeed lame

    Okay! Thanks for looking at my day in London with me!

    Who said that sh** about not knowing culture if it hit you in the face, that would be your average Kuwaiti. I've been to Rome, London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona, Chicago, Seoul, the list goes on... any of these cities is teaming with culture whereas Kuwait has nothing but Malls, sure there's some nice restaurants... that's the best thing I have to say about Kuwait City. Their independence day consists of spraying cars with shaving cream and... that's about it. They're conceded assholes who wouldn't dare to say excuse me to any foreigner not even one whose country saved their ass only 15 years ago. They look down on everyone and their laws are lame. I pray for the Kuwaitis who aren't this way, that they may escape their lame ass country and go some place where people have substance and heart.

    Chris 24 Feb 2008, 06:26 - Report
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    Mark 26 Feb 2008, 06:16 - Report
  • Cant i be.......me?

    I agree ,about all the negative things about kuwait.Im a kuwaiti living in this cursed country.There are no decenty bookstores or muesems ,only malls,malls and more endless malls.hopefully when i graduate ill leave this poor poor country that i never had any love for.people have no heart here,and laugh at your ambitions and wishes.When you try to acomplish something for yourself kuwait and all its society conspires to stop you.There is no culture here sadly.I wonder who is to blame?parlament?Sabah family?The people? or me for wanting to go to a large bookstore to buy some books?I swear i havent left my house unless its to get something, thats how much i hate this cursed country!!

    I hate kuwait and kuwaities 31 Mar 2008, 11:01 - Report
  • kuwait is over your head

    f*** you all,you will never stop thinking in our very vert rich comunity...god help you all. every one hate kuwait because we have every thing and you have nothing, and yes life is about money otherwise you didn't come to earn it her, go and live in your poooooor countries and i will pray for you to find your food to eat.loooooooooool

    kuwait girl 11 May 2008, 05:48 - Report
  • Kuwait rocks!

    u have ur own opinion but i think kuwait is the best! we have everything we need here! i dnt know why you hate kuwait, maybe ur jealous or maybe something bad happened to u there, but IM SURE that ur country has even more bad things than kuwait!!! so stop saying bad things about MY COUNTRY!!!!!

    kuwaiti girl 17 May 2008, 04:43 - Report
  • kuwait is made for non kuwaitis

    im kwaiti who is moving soon to europ where ive studied,im gonna to leave this poor sad and unhumain place for others.kuwait is very sucks and kuwaitis are the worst people in the world,if you live some where else for long time you will under stand my point.watch every thing around you then you will notice that you are in the biggest zoo or a jungle its even better discreption for this place called kuwait.sorry 4my poor english

    Abdallah 21 May 2008, 04:51 - Report
  • to the kuwaiti girls above

    look, of course you have the right to love your country as much as you want. I guess you have never seen something else. You never lived in another country. So you don't know what other people are talking about. It's not your mistake. Hopefully one day you'll have the opportunity to live outside Kuwait and you'll understand. You said you have everything and we, the others, have nothing and Kuwait is the best. Sorry but i had to laugh a lot about that stupidity. I'll tell you what you have: dirt, bad behavior, hypocrisy, big cars on credit, bitches, little money that you don't earn yourself, heat, dust, boring malls, poor foreigners (your slaves at home) who have to clean your asses after you went to WC, no respect, corruption,..... should i go on? Think that's enough and really no reason to be jealous. By the way I didn't come here to earn money from your country and after the worst years of my life I'm going to leave your "magnificent" place now and wish you all the best for the time when every foreigner will go back home and you'll be alone to clean up your mess.

    insider 21 May 2008, 07:01 - Report
  • i agree with the insider

    its true kuwaiti girl,im kuwaiti and i agree all that cause its true.take it easy and be democratic like or unlike your gouvernement.

    sucido 21 May 2008, 07:33 - Report
  • Laws in Q8 are bad

    Okay … its time to VENT. I have never spoken about Q8 even though I have gone through misery. Yes Money is good but just in this land of depression and lot of check points only aiming at expatriates. Now let me get to the point. My father in law has worked for KOTC for donkeys years and one fine day they manipulate his work contract and in the end offer peanuts. He managed to get a lawyer and fight his hard earned money. Now when it comes to lawyers I think its really silly. You cannot take any Kuwaiti to a court and fight a case. Remember only Kuwaiti lawyers. Now he will know the lawyers brother or sister or distant cousin. So there is VASTA (influence). A very popular word if you want to get things done under the table. Well, he left the country and guess what they agreed to extend his residence (work permit) since he has an ongoing case with the company. Now comes the true colors of the people of q8. They did not extend his residence but waited his for his residence to expire. He kept asking them what is taking so long to stamp the residence. Now I had been in q8. To get a job done in ministry u have to pull your hair. But you got to do it. Well the excuse they gave was computers were down. How lame… then the unfortunate happened and there was a week holiday. Now since his residence had expired they gave him an ultimatum… you sing the release papers and take what you get. What a setup… and you idiots tell me that Q8 is a great country… I can go on about you bloody people. No wonder you have more enemies than friends. My father in laws experience and thousands more have complained about the law in q8. All sucks. If you have VASTA then maybe you can get somewhere…then again if its against a Q8… you can forget. You got only 2 options .. take the cell or get deported. That is how q8 sucks. Please people beware … you don’t have a friend out there…you can trust a snake but not a Kuwaiti. Now tell me with all this … is there justice. Can anyone tell me is that a way to win this all. I thought so…

    Jaison 25 May 2008, 08:51 - Report
  • hi everybody

    i am rejisterd manpower supplier in Ethiopia i need a parthner in kuwait pls contact me with legal agent in kuwait [email removed] or give for any give my address and then i finish the process

    abdela 25 May 2008, 11:22 - Report
  • I loath this place

    I'm a Kuwaiti teenager, I have lived in Kuwait all my life and I can't even begin to describe my hate for this place.

    We have no culture, no freedom, no nature, no nothing! It's all big fancy cars and malls - the people here are THE worst people ever! All they care about is money and their stupid hair looks, plus the way they treat non-Kuwaiti people like they are subhumans.

    Can you believe that I was prosecuted just because I listen to Extreme Metal? They thought I worship the devil and I got into trouble with the local authorities for preforming "satanic rituals" (like playing it loud in the car). Yeah...

    I'm planning to get out of this prison, go live somewhere nice in Scandinavia, preferably Norway or Finland.

    Once again, I detest this place. If you feel the same way please contact me on MSN, maybe we can be friends:

    [email removed]

    Abdullah 31 May 2008, 11:32 - Report
  • Kuwait Sucks!

    kuwait is the worst country to live in. f*** those who defend it by saying that they've got money. who said that kuwait is the only country in the world that provides money? most expatriates who live in kuwait are arabs who have a passport that doesn't allow them to work easily outside of the middle east, so their best choice is kuwait since the middle east is shit. kuwait is basically the best of the shit. but once those arabs end up with proper passports, they don't end up staying in kuwait for another second! that's the truth you bunch of kuwaiti camel f***ers! go back to purl hunting...once your oil runs out, you're only best option is to export machboos!

    Tarek 04 Jun 2008, 03:47 - Report
  • Kuwait is a Joke!

    no expatriate is jeoleous of kuwaitis! don't you kuwaitis even get there! whenever i go to europe and I tell them that I live in kuwait, you should see how people give me this look as if they feel sorry for me. it's not impressive to say that you live in kuwait. kuwaitis are only feel special in their own country, but once you cross your kuwaiti border, you're as useless as a vegetable.

    Tarek 04 Jun 2008, 03:53 - Report
  • stupied

    qwow thats stupied how cares bout kuwait wow

    umpa lumpa 05 Jun 2008, 10:24 - Report
  • People, People, People ... You haven't met the REAL kuwaitis!!!

    I was really shocked to read all these negative opinions about kuwait!!! My friends, have you ever sat down with a clever guy or girl from THE NEW GENERATION and "TALKED"??? have you visited a kuwaiti family and shared a cup of tea??? ... let me tell you something, not ALL kuwaitis are rich, care the most for the money, selfish, shallow!!! I know alot of REAL kuwaitis who are sophesticated, clever, and care the most about other peoples feelings and thoughts! as for myself, i worked as a crew in McDonalds while i was studying for 4 years, i paid for my car, clothes, and never took money from my parents! i'm living my life with the right kind of people! now i'm an Air Traffic Controller nad life can't be better than this... PEOPLE, GIVE IT ANOTHER THOUGHT AND KEEP THIS IN MIND "LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND YOU'LL SEE THE NICE PERSON YOU'RE LOOKING FOR!"

    KUWAIT ATC 10 Jun 2008, 07:00 - Report
  • give it another thought!

    I was really shocked to read all these negative opinions about kuwait!!! My friends, have you ever sat down with a clever guy or girl from THE NEW GENERATION and "TALKED"??? have you visited a kuwaiti family and shared a cup of tea??? ... let me tell you something, not ALL kuwaitis are rich, care the most for the money, selfish, shallow!!! I know alot of REAL kuwaitis who are sophesticated, clever, and care the most about other peoples feelings and thoughts! as for myself, i worked as a crew in McDonalds while i was studying for 4 years, i paid for my car, clothes, and never took money from my parents! i'm living my life with the right kind of people! now i'm an Air Traffic Controller nad life can't be better than this... PEOPLE, GIVE IT ANOTHER THOUGHT AND KEEP THIS IN MIND "LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND YOU'LL SEE THE NICE PERSON YOU'RE LOOKING FOR!"

    Kuwaiti ATC 10 Jun 2008, 07:01 - Report
  • In your faces

    if you realy have manners, you wouldnt sit there in ur f***ing chair typing on your old computer bad things about this "golden" country. not all kuwiatee people are rich, and all the rich people are donating money for you poop countries. in the past several years the kuwait government had donated more money than the money consirved to build stuff like dubai. if u hate kuwait this much leaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave. by the way: "kuwaitee citizens are 1 million and the forighners are 2 million, so f***ing shut your mouth and thank god your not kicked out from here. by the way, ihave a pourshe, carrera, are you jeleouse know?! lool in your faces.

    Dona 23 Jun 2008, 12:40 - Report
  • wtf

    i am like sooooooo pissed i wish i would kill all the people who are writing bad things about the aweasome kuwait! one thing ur so jelous i can tell when u said lexsus and mercedes!if u are an american whos like "be respectful" u wouldnt say f***in bad words about acountry u lived in ass hole! i have all i need u know why? because i work hard at school and my parents work hard everysingle day! and yes i have millions in my account thats way god loves kuwait and made it wealthy u sonofabicth ! kuwait roxs ! and ya u need to get the hell out of kuwait if u hate it !!!!!!!! oh ya by da way am am only 12 and i have a chopard watch! lol sof*** offf pooooooooooor bastards i love my maid and i dont treat her like a slave she says her sister works in hongkong and they treat her like shit there! i am proud to be a q8ty and to be my fathers daughter ! oh ya daddy said he would get me a rozraiz when i reach college long way but it is worth the hard work in school!!!!! i love kuwait take this haters lick my ass !

    DALALRuru 24 Jun 2008, 08:57 - Report
  • Come on

    All these complaints I've read above are present in each and every country. Americans have a corrupt government. As much as people might try to cover it up, the rich get away with a lot, just as the rich Kuwaitis do. I'm not saying its right! I believe you do something wrong, you should suffer the consequences no matter who you are or where you're from.

    I've been fortunate enough to live in many different countries and experienced many differnt cultures, but I'm still happy to call Kuwait my home. No country is perfect. Australians are quite racists. If you're an Arab, theyll either think you're a terrorist or that you plan to take over their country, Asians are treated like shit and they believe that they plan to take over their countrie as well. The sentence I've heard coming out of most Australians in the 7 years I've lived there was 'go home!' Anyone who has a different faith or different cultures is ridiculed. Look at the way they treat the aboriginals.

    It's ridiculous that I'm seeing so many people claiming they hate Kuwait because of their experience with a few people. I'm not saying that some Kuwaiti's aren't rude to foreigners, although I have never seen them being rude to westeners.
    I find it quite disgusting that most of the Kuwaitis who posted to stand up for our country spoke about how much money they have. Sadly this is what its come down to, and we may end up loosing our culture due to it. My family is wealthy but I'm sorry I dont need a chopard watch, or a ferrari. I'd rather own something that I like then something someone else will like and see how expensive it is. And before you start saying this is all we do, look at the rich in your country. The celebs buying their dogs a louis vuitton bag.

    And for those complaining about Kuwaitis not being good to the poor, when did you stop what you were doing to help one of the homeless in your great country. America has more homeless people than Kuwait does. I dont think I have seen a homeless person in Kuwait. Have you ever personally taken one of them to your home and helped them settle themselves some place? I didn't think so. And I don't understand why you'd expect it from someone else.
    We've had maids in my family, and I must say we've never treated them badly. They spent years with us and were treated like family. Even after they left whenever theyd call asking for help with money because a family member is ill, my parents have sent over money for them. They have never refused anyone help. And I hope that many Kuwaitis will do the same and those foreigners who have been insulting my country to think about the good things and bad things that theyve experienced in every country theyve been to.
    Oh and to tarek, doesnt that tell you something about the europeans you've met? That they're willing to judge an entire country theyve never even visited?! Now that's what I call racist. If anything, you shouldve been looking at them with disgust.
    And yes we definately need more libraries and museums. Its quite sad they they plan to open yet another mall but cant find the time to emphasise the importance of education to the children.

    Abeer A 01 Jul 2008, 06:03 - Report
  • Kuwait.... Love it or hate it

    I worked all around the world for thirty seven years. For fourteen years I worked in Kuwait. During that time I learned some Arabic. (Much as the Indians and Pakistani's speak). I worked with many nationalites, western and sub-continent. ALL of them hated Kuwait, the climate, the polution, the lack of amenities, the poor lawmakers and law enforcers, The corruption in everyday life. Most well travelled educated Kuwaitis feel the same. The standards are so poor because the powers that be are always seeking the cheapest pricing. The building regulations are sub-standard and not monitored. The driving is farcical and dangerous. The oil companies polute more of the atmosphere than all of europe because there is no one to enforce the laws that are in place. The reason is that Kuwait is a tribal society, they protect each other and the government keeps it that way by treating them like chidren and supplying everthing they need. Critisism is not tolerated even newspapers are shut down if they don't conform. Radio and TV are Govt propoganda machines. Indeed KTV is housed in the Miistry of Information building Need I say more? The thing regarding ignorance and lack of respect comes, on the whole, from the "Bedoo" section of Kuwaiti society. They are just ignorant peasants whose manners would not be tolerated in a decent society. A big problem is that in a diminishing gene pool, the "Bedoo" are all starting to look alike. If I had my wish, I would force them not to breed and allow decent Kuwaitis to come to the fore. Sorry for not swearing or name calling. I'll be back again and maybe I'll tell you of some of the double standards in business

    ALIBALI 02 Jul 2008, 04:17 - Report
  • Not al Fingers are the same

    guys, it is true that there is alot of things going on in kuwait not right,but when you come to work and live here, in this country you can not f*** it from behind ,because the money you are earning is from them, besides that not all kuwaitis are alike, dont forget what happened to them during the war, and what made them spoiled today like this is that,they have alot of money and nothen, to do,so if you hate kuwait or not ,keep your f***en mouth shut!!!! and get out of here if you dont like it,or else stay and zip up your mouth and mind your own business, in the end it is there country it is true that they are ubnormal people but that is somthing non of our business,i am living here scense a year back i was living in dubai.i felt myself i was gonna cry when i came here,but in the end i am forced or else if our countries are not more shitter than kuwait we would not be here right ?
    but you know somthing...dammmmn kuwaiti girls are sooooooooooooooo hot....happy

    Mal-Leb 03 Jul 2008, 11:40 - Report
  • i really dont know!

    i'm a bedoon living in kuwait my whole life, my mom is kuwaiti and my father is bedoon.. when was a child i never knew am bedoon, no one told me! once in the school my classmates made fun of me (kuwaities) bcoz am bedoon and not original or something!! i was shocked and i thought its just and mistake, i came to mom crying and pissed off telling her school made a mistake, she tried to cover it for 2 years, then she told me the truth after 2 years sad.. my father worked soo hard to show us they we are still as same as our kuwaities cousins (my mom family) anyway! after i have finished my high school (mubarak el sabah high school) i started to seen the ugly side of being bedoon! university of kuwait didnt allow me to complete studying claims that am bedoon and i should even if my moms is kuwaiti! bedoon father should be divorced or dead sad soo! no education! then i stay for 2 years with no job! since am bedoon with no education! who gonna hire me? somehow i managed to get a job later (wasta vitamin) i have never seen a other country before bcoz i have no f***en passport! whatelse, yeah.. i have to pay for hospital every time. and guess what! i have no lisence to drive a car! (i should have lisence to kill now) my poss in work (kuwaiti) he halped me alot since he is a big business wasta man, he managed to get car lisence, passport (for work certificates) and i managed to continue study in arab open univ. (the only place excepting bedoon) all people i work with are foreigners and i know how they feel! some of them treat me as kuwaiti and some of them treat me worse than kuwaities.. sometime i hate kuwait, sometime i love kuwait.. all i can say is "hate or love it, be proud of who u r"

    bedoon for everrr 03 Jul 2008, 12:25 - Report
  • Moving to Kuwait.......... ? Still not sure

    I am an American citizen who has lived in the US my entire life. I am contemplating accepting an offer for a job in Kuwait with an American company. It is a huge decision to make. I have heard Kuwaitis treat 3rd county citizens like slaves (Pakistani, Indian, etc.) Are younger generation Kuwaitis the same way? I hope not.

    I am also an American Muslim and think I may be able to practice Islam more comfortably in the USA that I could in Kuwait. I feel the treatment I see of Muslims in America is better than the treatment of Kuwaitis toward 3rd country / poor Muslims. This is depressing, but probably true.

    Why do Kuwaitis and Saudis have this perplexion that they think they are better than everyone? I only notice it with Saudis and Kuwaitis? People from UAE, Qatar, etc. are much friendlier and humbler.

    Anonymous 05 Jul 2008, 07:38 - Report
  • move on mr.american

    americans in kuwait they r like gods.. dont wait man.. just come

    bedoon for everrr 05 Jul 2008, 11:57 - Report
  • dgd

    what kuwait has a dick it i hate being here how can iget out from here

    sdszf 05 Jul 2008, 08:06 - Report
  • Just like any other country

    Well, everything you said guys can be found in every country...however, I can comfortably say that Kuwait today is much more different than say 5 years ago...People are more open-minded, helpful, and understanding.

    it's very safe country compared to many other developed countries encluding the US and all europs.

    In short, respect yourself and the society that you live in, and you'll be respected. You can't come to a Muslim country like Kuwait and complain about not having alcohool, night clubs, or bars. Be logic.

    I love Kuwait...and I welcome you all to visit it.

    Al-Azmi 07 Jul 2008, 05:01 - Report
  • Kuwait is disgusting!

    Kuwaitis are the lest respectful people to any non-kuwaiti! just because you're kuwaiti and get respected by other kuwaitis doesn't mean that they are always respectful! look at what the hell you guys do to people from india and sri-lanka! just looking at how kuwaitis treat these people at the airport disgusts me!
    forget about what the people living in kuwait think about the kuwaitis, just take a look at what the rest of the gulf people such as saudi, UAE, bahrain, etc think of the kuwaitis!
    you guys are the planet's biggest mistake!

    T 09 Jul 2008, 01:07 - Report
  • Kuwait should be burnt in hell

    you guys treat non-kuwaitis like shit! just because you know a kuwaiti who studied in america doesn't make that kuwaiti respectful....that only means that the kuwaiti can speak english...but having the moral values or attitude is still f***ed up! the moment you guys get angry, you no longer become classy people, but rather turn into tribal freeks! so don't use this stupid analysis that you know this so-called "new generation" kuwaitis cause those people only know how to speak english...basssss!!! and most of the kuwaitis study in some shitty schools in the states and then they come back here showing off that they studied in the states....studying in a states doesn't make you civilized by default.

    T 09 Jul 2008, 01:12 - Report
  • heheh....

    Al-Azmi , don't you think that the reason why most people don't respect kuwaitis is that kuwaitis themselves aren't respecting others??? so instead of keep asking people to behave, you should rather turn your finger toward the kuwaitis for a change. ever heard of a concept that every effect has a cause???
    being a typical kuwaiti, you just love to make others adjust to the kuwaitis while the kuwaitis just remain the way they are....that, my friend, is WRONG! you guys should rather do the adjusting cause your attitudes are disgusting!

    T 09 Jul 2008, 01:18 - Report
  • To all the kuwaitis!

    By asking people who criticize kuwait to leave kuwait if they don't like it will not change the fact that your country still sucks! do you illiterates honestly think that by removing people who hate Kuwait will completely make Kuwait a better country all of a sudden? instead of fixing your problems, you, once again, target the non-kuwaitis without fixing your own issues....ahh...kuwaitis still have a LOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG way to go!!! hehehe....idiots!

    HA 09 Jul 2008, 01:29 - Report
  • Kuwait Culture - please explain

    I've read through this thread and there are two quite extreme points of view. People who use words like "hate" and "sucks" for both the country/its people and from Kuwaitis about their critics. I've been here just over 6 months and I consider myself to be an open minded person who believes an expat posting is only as good as you make of it. I've lived and worked abroad before, but this is my first time in the middle east. I've got friends living in Dubai and despite the traffic and cost of living, seem to be enjoying themselves doing mostly western type stuff, which is the way Dubai is manufacturing itself. Fair enough. Which brings me to my point...I'd love to hear from some locals on how they define their culture and to give me some examples of what a "tourist" or a non Kuwaiti can find or experience here that's unique to this country. I've just come back from a short holiday in Europe and in the span of a week there was so much to choose from - I visited historial sites, listened to guides about rich heritage (both noble and shadowy), listened to street musicians, ate local cuisine in outdoor cafes and watched people enjoying themselves at festivals. I went to concerts, art galleries and museums, drank the local wine merrily with friends, went to clubs and danced the night away. What I didn't do was walk around shopping malls and drink coffee at Starbucks. I had a friend visit me a few months ago, and apart from the Kuwaiti towers I honestly couldn't find much to do for her to experience Kuwaiti culture. There doesn't seem to be any festivities here, no celebration of music, pride in local cuisine. Even National Day and Liberation Day was a bit of a let down as I expected a celebration with opportunity to experience local food/music etc..instead I found kids with shaving cream and silly string being near missed on the main roads. There wasn't even a fireworks display!!

    I'm happy to be proven wrong and am totally open to suggestions for when future visitors come. I've been to the National Museum and although I understand it was pilfered during the invasion, lots of time has passed to put some funding into making it a great place to visit. I've been to the Martyr's Museum in Qurain and although it's an important part of the country's history, I don't think the Gulf War should define the history. I appreciate I am a guest in this country and need to make the most of my time here, so would love the feedback of locals. Is there more to this country than walking around shopping malls and driving up and down Gulf Street?

    Dee 13 Jul 2008, 08:14 - Report
  • Judging?

    I'm not judging...just expressing an opinion. Am assuming that opinions which are part of being a human being are still permitted? When you travel...IF you travel...you express an opinion of a place depending on whether you enjoyed it, or didn't enjoy it, the experiences you had with the people and the envrionment. Nobody is judging your pride or your religion..I'm just asking YOU as a "proud kuwaiti" not as a muslim, to DEFINE your unique culture. Simple question.

    dee 16 Jul 2008, 03:54 - Report
  • Intelligent replies...

    I see Kuwaitis are providing "intelligent" retorts to the criticism. Guys it does NOTHING to refute the comments made by foreigners to your country. Do yourselves a favour, given this is an international forum, and provide some useful and constructive insights.

    DD 20 Jul 2008, 12:30 - Report
  • wishful thinking

    i have been living in kuwait for almost 2 years now and have experienced all sorts of things the other expats have mentioned in the previous posts. i have also travelled to different countries and definitely see the difference in terms of culture, people, weather and the place in general. whenever someone asks me if i enjoy living in kuwait, i typically answer that it is a place that you have to learn to get used to. it is unfortunate that most of my encounters with kuwaitis are not that good but i am convinced that just like in other places, there are good citizens that i haven't got the chance to meet. i hope that in time there would be more interesting things to do (aside from shopping) and places to visit (aside from malls)in this country.

    anonymous 29 Jul 2008, 01:16 - Report
  • giggle

    thats funny......good work hugh

    hasim 31 Jul 2008, 02:18 - Report
  • Don't pass generalised statements

    There is immense criticism on account of Kuwait -
    We can classify as below -
    1) Geographically - Nothing to watch, no sightseeing etc; this information can be found on internet very easily. one shouldn't critize on this point as no one can change a geographical setting.
    2) Harassment - I would request commentors to quote exact incidence as to what harrassment or abuse one hass experienced and not to pass generalised statements.

    There are people who speak without experiencing things. so please don't create false rumours and misguide people.
    If people seek advice, they need to know the basic things - Food, clothing, shelter and normal behavour of Kuwaitis (Ofcourse no one will disturb you unncessarily)

    Mr.XYZ 31 Jul 2008, 12:18 - Report
  • for bedoon for everrr

    Hi Bedoon, I felt so sorry reading your story.. try to live in Canada and get a Canadian passport after 3 years of application then go back if you want to!
    I know a guy who did that, his mom was Kuwaiti, his dad was not, he came as a tourist and stayed, with the help of lawyers he got a Canadian passport, studied at univ happy Canada is beautiful, multi-cultural, respects all cultures/religion, rich, little cold, but the best country in the world and oh yeah... the medecine is free!

    As for Kuwait, I must admit that for people who were raised in Kuwait will find it an amazing country especially if they are Kuwaitis and have their benefits (inside Kuwait), but it is true, for someone who lived in a developped country and who also visited Kuwait will feel "sorry" for them, because their happiness/freedom is limited and they are not even aware of it (they think they have everything and that everybody wants to be Kuwaiti) and once outside of GCC they will be treated just like they treat indians in Kuwait starting from the airport check points. I like to visit Kuwait for vacations, it is exotic/different to me, but I can't live there.. I think I will feel bored after a month, even though I found Kuwaitis respectful toward me unlike other opinions I read here. I just wish Kuwait becomes more open (in a good way), more free, more democratic with respect to their traditions.. I wished women could vote long ago. A Kuwaiti man told me that they didn't allow women to vote because it is a trick: "cuz women are religious and this will make Kuwait very religious, since there are more women in Kuwait than men", but I find it soooo rediculous... because that man doesn't know what freedom is, what vote is... vote stands for the choice of the majority, and if the majority wants something they should get it, and if you stop the right to vote for 50-60% of the population only because you want to impose some rules by force, then there is something wrong with the idea of freedom!!! Do they know what being FREE for a woman is? I keep hearing: "they can work, drive, go to malls, have bank accounts etc..." hehehe well I hope so! "they even have maids".. I'd rather raise my kids with no maid with my husband, and clean my house with no maid "with my husband" but be free and do what I want.. At least I know that if my husband decides to leave me, he won't steal my kids from me, % of his salary will go toward the children and me, he will be part of their lives, I will have a roof, and as a divorced lady, I can easily get married any time I want to even if Im 40-50 just like he can, and no one will judge/reject me or consider me too old, a trash or a failure or a second class woman in the society happy Men need to be loved and taken care of, well.. Women need to be loved and taken care of too !!!

    Sali 31 Jul 2008, 01:22 - Report
  • Museums

    Yeah I think Kuwait needs Museums, libraries etc.. but who really cares about these things there, teachers should teach the students to be open to general cultures, to know about other countries, to learn things like geology, astronomy, anything that makes the brain work a little, unfortunately, what all girls care is about being beautiful and get married and buy make-up and talk about actresses' plastic surgery, and the new bag and new accessories etc.. I sat once with them and felt that their interests are very "low", you can not blame them (they think it is the normal way), but there are things to do in order to change that, it may take time though,and it should start from school and family. They should care about knowing the history of other countries including theirs..

    Just ask them their mother's date of birth! they say: "who cares..." YES they should make libraries, museums, cultural centers, they should understand that being smart is better than having the best lipstick or the best nails that are on fashion or chinese eye brows etc.. it is sooooo sad but it is also a normal reation to such a big number of shopping mall constructions... Educate people instead... nobody is educated enough. Read books, get interested in other sciences..

    Sali 31 Jul 2008, 01:41 - Report

    Guys Is this an race war all i know is five fingers are not same there are good and bad people accross the world and good guys will meet goo guys and the bad guys go to helllllllll

    Friend 01 Aug 2008, 09:35 - Report

    i am palestinian born and lived in k8 until 21 years, after golfwar(i)must leave kuwait.. studied and bekam german citizen in germany and now living with my finish wife in finland..

    germanies are known as haters of forigners, in spite of this they let me study and i could be a german citizen!!

    i was born in kuwait and lived the most part of my life in there and had no rights, bcaz this motherf***ers have(beforeinvasin) no idea about anything and wenn i read know this comments i notice that really nothing is changed...the same f***ed up racists with no values or cultur humanity,kindness or respect for anything..

    you know, wenn you are born and lived in a country 21 years and you don't remember any kind person or at least a one kuwaiti, you would like to have contact with him again.. you know how painful is this?

    any way money is bullshit, you can find it in any place in the world, if you are realy want to!

    leave this country and go somewhere else, where you treated as a human, after couple of years work, you will achieve more of money, live or whatever you want to!

    my father came to kuwait in age of 18 years and died in age of 70 years waiting for his retirement in jordan, because a f***ing kuwaiti(musa'ed alsaleh) have enough wasta not to pay him his retirement....

    leave this country; you can live as a respectable human and earn money in many places in earth..kuwaitis are animals and they will end as animals, because they don't have noidea about nothing;;this is no insulting, this is the pure truth, learn it fast or waste your life learning it,, like 500000 palestinians before fìrst gulf war..

    Alsabah Alsalem Alzip ben Alzip Alcamelshit 03 Aug 2008, 03:01 - Report
  • ??? completely confused after reading all..

    Dear all,
    I am an Italian woman, working in an investment bank and I have just received an offer from a kuwaiti Bank.
    I never visit the country and I am trying to decide whether I should accept or not..
    After reading your posts, all my enthusiasm has finished... You know, I should live Italy, my permanent job and move there..
    Do you think it may be a big mistake?
    Thanks a lot

    Ludolu 06 Aug 2008, 06:49 - Report
  • Harassment

    I think there is enough information in the Kuwait Times on the harassment of foreign workers for us NOT to require blow by blow exact incidences! Kuwait has now deported about 1000 bangladeshi workers for demanding... ohhh...silly little things like actually being paid their measly 18KD a month and not having to share an unaconditioned apartment with 20 others, having running water (to have a shower and not smell), and being treated with some semblence of respect. I'm glad even the government has acknowledged this and is investigating companies who allegedly abuse and not pay their workers and is proposing minimum conditions of work including minimum pay. I'm not sure why decided to deport and if they thing another planeload of workers from a different country is going to put up with this rubbish?? I agree with a posting above...if all your blue collar foreign labour left...who would do the work that no Kuwaiti feels they would ever do??? The workers are reporting incidences of abuse at the hands of police as well as employers. How frightening is that to know you have nowhere to go for help if you are attacked or mistreated as a human being??!!!. Think about the outrage if a Kuwaiti went to a western country to work and wasn't paid or was beaten or treated badly - complete outrage, government investigation, intervention etc etc!!! If the colour of the foreign workers' skin is the problem in choosing to mistreat them, let me tell you, outside the middle east, Kuwaitis are the same colour as Indians/Bangladeshis/Pakistanis etc. THere is NO distiction. And Kuwaitis do travel outside Kuwait so they KNOW that the rest of the world isn't like them - they take off to Europe/UK/USA every summer and drag maids there with them and look absolutely ridiculous as they walk ahead with some poor malnourished indian walks behind laden with bags and children and believe me - people do notice and LAUGH...it's comical. Also, I've lived in other countries where domestic workers are used and I've never encountered so many reports of attempted & successful suicides of maids as I have here. Suicidal maids do not choose Kuwait to come and die in, Kuwait causes it...isn't that shameful??? As we are on the verge of Olympics where Olympians who win anything become spotlighted by the rest of the world, I wonder does Kuwait want the attention from sporting and human rights group as it sits in the grip of unrest from its foreign labour force because i'm telling you, it's not going to stop with the Bangladeshis - people take courage from the courage of others and there are lots of ethnic groups in the same boat. I've only lived here a short time and yes, it's as good as you make it and I'd like there ot be more culture and fun, but that aside...change needs to start with human relations.

    People 07 Aug 2008, 09:04 - Report
  • For Ludolu

    I think you should stay in Italy..

    Sali 08 Aug 2008, 03:56 - Report
  • Things to do

    Hey Dee - I don't doubt Europe would have a lot to do, it's an entire continent while Kuwait is just a small country. I don't really know what people expect to find but there are a few things you could try out like the sporting activities they have. You could do some sailing, jet ski have you gone out to the islands? There's also the Entertainment City. You could get a group and go out to the desert to camp.
    Really, living in Canberra, Australia has taught me to make the most of what we have, which was nothing at the time and yet we were still able to have fun in Canberra!

    I understand foreigners coming here would have a hard time settling to our country and I understand that it would be hard getting to know people, but really for those of you still in Kuwait, just try to do something with your time while you're there as opposed to complaining about the country on a website.

    Abeer A 09 Aug 2008, 03:41 - Report
  • OH

    For all those people talking about UAE and Qatar and how they're so much better just though I'd mention, every single website I've been on I've found people from the UAE insulting pakis and Indians and telling all the expats to get out of their country. Of course they wouldn't say anything to their faces because foreigners are increasing their tourism.
    I am Kuwaiti and one of my best friends is from Sri Lanka and the other Australian. If I were ever to see a person treating another badly just because of their heritage I would not stand for it and I know quite a lot of the younger generation of Kuwaitis feel the same way. So can people please stop generalizing? It's like saying all muslims are terrorists, we're not.

    Abeer A 09 Aug 2008, 03:52 - Report
  • To Habibi69

    Well said and articulated.

    dd 12 Aug 2008, 07:05 - Report
  • To: Abeer A

    You cannot seriously compare living in Australia to living here!!!?? Even Canberra!!! Its FULL of art galleries, museums, exhibits, fairs, flower shows...surrounding towns have festivals all the time and there is always new entertainment. Plus being 2.5 hours from Sydney - and the WORLD of culture and entertainment available there. What I expected to find here is to find some sort of national pride and investment in the history of the place. A worthy museum, a well stocked art gallery, theatre, local cuisine (NOT lebenese), music, a National Day celebrated with pride (not silly string and shaving cream), festivals, children's entertainment and theatre educating them on international productions. A well stockd public library which encourages reading from early childhood....great interactive INDOOR play centres (that don't have a McDonald's attached to them!!). World class indoor sporting facilities to get people OUT of the heat and playing soccer / basketball / whatever all year around. God knows the money is there and can be used...and you certainly don't need another mall...but the National Assembly obviously have major objections to people listening to music and going to the theatre, but don't object to them walking aimlessly around malls (me thinks they have some investment in them maybe????).
    There was an interesting piece in the paper about Qatar wanting to host the 2020 games given they did such a great job wiht the 2006 Asia Games. Could you imagine Kuwait ever doing something like that???? What a shame the only point of reference that the world has for Kuwait is the Gulf War....and mistreating foreign workers. Wouldn't it be awesome to give them a new one??

    Dee 12 Aug 2008, 07:16 - Report
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