Cost of Living in Kuwait

  • Can anyone help? I am potentially in a position where I take a new job in Safat, Kuwait. I would like to understand the cost of living in terms of housing / villa / car leasing / food etc.
    Can anyone provide a ball park figure. please reply to [email removed]
    Many thanks and kind regards
    Graeme Collins

    02 May 2008, 03:57 Graeme Collins
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  • How much I can save

    I am offered a salary of USD 90,000 per annum .
    I have family of 3 (Husband wife and one kid of 4 year). How much I can save in Kuwait per year based on this salary.

    Vikash 12 Sep 2008, 06:01 - Report
  • hello

    now i am get job in kuwait. i want salary 65000in indian rupees. i am bachelor this salary comfortable in kuwait

    vinodh 27 Sep 2008, 03:38 - Report
  • Hi..

    I would like to ask,what is the minimum rate of salary in Kuwait as Office assistant?? Thank you.

    rei 27 Dec 2008, 10:09 - Report
  • Rates in Kuwait

    Westerns , Indians & Arab expats each have his own way of life. It’s very difficult to answer this question, any ways I’ll try

    1- Flats
    Shared accommodation is available from the rates of 30KD/month to 70KD/mounth.
    Unfurnished 1 bedroom flat costs 150KD/mounth to 190KD/month.
    Furnished 1 bedroom flat costs 170KD/mounth to 220KD/month.
    Unfurnished 2 bedroom flat costs 180KD/mounth to 250KD/month.
    Furnished 2 bedroom flat costs 220KD/mounth to 350KD/month.
    Unfurnished 3 bedroom flat costs 300KD/mounth to 400KD/month.
    Unfurnished 4-9 rooms flat/villas costs 450KD/mounth to 1800KD/month (wide range depend on location, neighborhood, area,…..)

    Anyway furniture doesn’t cost much respectively and it’s available to door to door.

    2- Cars
    Available in all brands in rent and installment systems from 60KD/month to 250KD/month, I don’t recommend old cars. Installment system may be rare these days or need the guarantee of a Kuwaiti because of the crises.

    3- Food
    This defiantly different from culture to another I’ll try to give my imagination.
    Arabs & Indians about 10-15 KD / person /month.
    Westerns about 25-35 KD / person /month.
    Indian restaurants from 0.5-6 KD/person/meal.
    Arab restaurants from 3-10 KD/person/meal.
    Western/American restaurants from 3-8 KD/person/meal.

    4- Entertainment
    Not easily available and a little bit costly.
    Cafes about 2.5-7KD / person (not including food)
    Sports / health clubs from 20-70 KD/month.
    Fishing sea trips about 400-600KD /trip for 10 persons for 1 day.

    5- Education
    Indian/Pakistani schools 200-500 KD/kid/year.
    Arab schools 200-500 KD/kid/year.
    Arab/Muslims language schools 1800-3000 KD/kid/year
    English/Canadian/American schools 1500- 2500 KD/kid/year.

    I hope I had helped
    Any doubt contact me.

    Arab expat 16 Jun 2009, 09:18 - Report
  • please tell me 600KD is good sarlary to maintain a family with housing allowance out

    hello i m living in jeddah and move to kuwait i want to know that 600KD is agood sarlary in kuwait to maintain a family without housing allaowance housing include in salary and company says medical free in kuwait is that true or not please tell me a right information

    m shahid 18 Jul 2009, 09:15 - Report
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