How to be rich in Kuwait?

  • If someone wants to learn the means of collecting money and investing it, then there is no place better than Kuwait to learn all of this. Today, I want to focus on how an expatriate can start a business here in Kuwait and make some money. Kuwaitis don't need advice on this issue; but don't let being a stranger stop you from making your dreams true.

    Becoming rich in Kuwait is like a game. You should learn the basics in order to ensure initial success and to continue your success. You may and may not end up as a millionaire, but you can certainly still enjoy some of your money in your savings or in your overseas accounts. In all cases, your wallet will be heavy with cash and you will have an unlimited credit line and girls and your family members would love to be around you.

    Making a business in Kuwait can be easy because you don't have to pay taxes or anything to the government. Moreover, you will get many types of services from the government such as industrial lands and so on. But this can be only done if you have a Kuwaiti partner of course.

    Now in Kuwait, you have two ways to live; one way is sweet and other is sour. It is either you move up or down. If you move up, be careful because you may move too high and exceed your expectations, and if you move down, you can expect a couple of years of misery ahead.

    To start a business or become rich you actually don't need money, you need intelligence and confidence and good planning. Now if you are an expatriate and wish to be a businessman, then all you need is to find a Kuwaiti partner who is not as smart as you. Because if he is, then he will be asking you too many questions and turn into a nagging wife.

    Impress others with strategies. Yes, not many people are able to talk about their plans and prepare an action plan. Use a laptop or even borrow one when you present your plans. If you are good in computers, then making a presentation through your computer will be a perfect step to convince others of your project. Showing others how professional you are by using numbers and diagrams is always a smart move.

    They would look at you and feel grateful that they found someone like you who would think on their behalf. There are many people who want to make money but don't want to practice the actual business. Therefore instead of obtaining a commercial license, they rent it out to others because they want to have some profit and not actually need to do any work

    Another important point is you should learn how to speak Arabic and practice improving your Arabic and local phrases. Yes, the better your Arabic is, the more people will trust and rely on you. Also, learn the art of courtesy. That can be a little hard because you will need lots of patience and you will need to always smile in front others even if you are in a bad mood .

    Think of what the market wants, meaning what people like to use or consume. For example, people here love eating and they love cars. Learn to show acceptance from your Kuwaiti partner because not all you see will make you satisfied or content. In regards to luck, luck is good, yet it can never guarantee success.
    These elements that I have mentioned above are necessary to ensure success and making your circle of friends as big as you can. Make use of these elements. Nobody said that you can make all your dreams come true in days or even months, but you can never know unless you try.

    We will be happy to assist you to save your time and your money with the the specializeds, we offer many services for expatriates and residents in Kuwait.

    (( very competitive rates ))

    (Incorporation ) Establishing companies & lease trade licenses include visas, work permits.

    (Housing)Long and Short time.

    (Holiday/Vacation Rentals) house beach, farms, prepared tents with tentage for camping.

    (Moving) 1&2&3 trucks with skilled workes.

    (Buy used furniture and house items)


    ( House maintenance )Clean house,wash carpet ,combatant bugs and insect, plumbing, electrician, satellite, painting...Etc.

    Contact Us:
    Main office:
    Al Safader for General Trade&Cont.
    Kuwait City - Sharq - front of Sharq fire station- Dasman pharmecy building, Second floor, office.18

    phone: 5155476- 7462602
    Fax: 240 3365

    Branch Hawalli and Salmiya:
    Hawalli- Al Othman St. Alyaa complex, GF

    phone: 9809601
    fax: 2665069

    24 Dec 2007, 12:39 Moda
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  • bank account

    Dear help me to move my money to inranet banking in kuwait thanks my mail:[email removed]

    Nayef Almutairi 12 Apr 2008, 09:23 - Report
  • LoooL...

    being a dreamer is fun...!

    Abdullah 17 May 2008, 07:22 - Report
  • I need a kuwaiti partener to open an electronic store in kuwait.

    Basically I'm looking for a sponsor who would sponsor me and my business in Kuwait,
    I would give him a limited percentage every month.

    we have a running buisness here in Qatar for more than 15 years, dealing in electronic spare parts, such as, sattlite recivers, Lnbs, cables,connectors, spare remotes,network cables, telephone cables, intercoms,tv reciver stands, power adaptors, power supplys, invertors, steplizers,stepdown, all kind of spekers and audio systems for mousques and parties, audio amplifires,mixers, stero cables, a/v senders, power extentions, playars, cutters, crimping tools for all kind of jacks and connectors, cable strippers, screw drivers, soldering irons, soldering wires, electronic tool boxes, a/v switches, rechargable battries, security cameras, and much much more, you name it.

    I would like to expand our buisness in the gulf, so i'm looking for a sponsor who could sponse me and give him a limited share, becuase i'll take the managment and run the store all the time.I'm looking for a big showroom with 2 doors for rent not more than 500 kd a month.

    I'm originally from Bangladesh, born and riased in Qatar, 5 years in the US for school, fluent arabic and english.
    Our market in Qatar is very popular (AL-ANNABI ELECTRONICS)
    ask any1 about it.

    So if you think that you could help me please let me know.

    [email removed]

    Yacob 26 Aug 2008, 11:34 - Report
  • Invitation to Invest in Multi Level Investment Acceleration

    I am a British businessman and would like to involve you in multi level investment acceleration. With multi level investment acceleration you can reside in the Middle East and still make money in the United Kingdom, Venezuela, China and India.

    Multi level investment acceleration thrives even despite the credit crunch that has slowed down the world economy, multi level investment acceleration is so successful because it has investments in the fast growing economies of China and India and also has investments in oil fields in Venezuela and Mexico taking advantage of the high oil price which closed today at US$97.20 at the New York Mercantile Exchange.

    Last year our 86,754 clients around the world earned a return of investment of 185% which is considerably higher than any investment in a bank or financial institution. Please make a request for an application form to ensure that your investments are inherently stable. We look forward to helping you achieve your financial dreams. Please contact Mr Reto Mathis on [email removed] for an application form.

    Reto Mathis 15 Sep 2008, 09:28 - Report
  • investment in Kuwait, making money, could you please help

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing to enquire if have any vacancies within your personnel department. I have completed my Honours degree in Business Management and Administration at the Coventry University.

    Currently I am working full-time with Tiscali; Customer Care is the designated First & Second level support for customers with billing queries, outstanding order updates, or any other general account queries. My role involves the management of these customer queries as well as the customers overall experience.

    Throughout my degree my free choice modules have been personnel, business organization and management. My final year dissertation was based on Shariah Law; part of my investigation was looking at how shariah operates in the market and different types of mortgages available.

    My skills have been further developed through my part-time work and leisure activities. My CV demonstrates the variety roles in the retail sector and the skills that I feel I have gained whilst in these employment. Overall, managing my time to complete my assignment on time alongside my part-time has made me understand the need for effective planning and to find some strategies which help me manage my time.

    I am an outgoing person who can talk to people at all levels and have been complimented on my ability to listen to other people. I can take responsibility for my own work and my own goals, but I enjoy working with other people to reach a common goal.

    My academic and work experience has taught me to work well with other people and to take responsibility for my own work. I have an outgoing personality and am keenly interested in good health through exercise and diet. One of my most important assets is my ability to listen to people.

    I have demonstrated strong research skills during project work and much of my experience has been within a team environment. I am able to take responsibility for my own work as well as being able to demonstrate leadership when required. Meeting deadlines has been a consistent part of my academic and working life and have learned how to communicate with people in situations which require to act. My academic skills have given me the ability to communicate effectively on paper as well as through presentations.
    During my time at university I have undertaken full-time study, part-time paid work and enjoyed my sport with the basketball team. I have prioritised each of these activities successfully.
    Thank you for your consideration of my application. Please contact me should you require any further information,
    Your sincerely

    Mohammed Amin

    Mohammed Amin, 07 Jan 2009, 05:30 - Report
  • looking for a local partner

    soon i'll work in kuwait city,i have a special skill in producing handicraft product that suitable for decoration,merchandise or promotion eyecatched items.not much capital for this idea but i need a partner who can go around with me offering good price to our custumer to me at 6221-70352368 morning time upto before mid day prayer.

    iskandar in Jakarta 12 Jan 2009, 12:27 - Report
  • money

    Please keep your money a way from us clearly you want to take advantage of our economy its not cool at all we are a muslim country you don't like us why my beloved kuwait i tell you what go to israel.

    mourad 20 Mar 2009, 08:27 - Report
  • Looking for sponsor in Kuwait for garments business

    Dear Sir ,

    Have a good day. Now a days, garments exports from Bangladesh have made inroads into the international market for their durability, quality and beauty. One of the reasons for the economical pricing of Bangladesh's ready made garments and apparels is the availability of highly skilled, cheap labor in the country. The superiority of Bangladesh's Garment Industry has been acknowledged to the world garments market.

    We are a known company that is specialized in providing enchanting range of apparels, available in ethnic as well as contemporary designs. Offering a perfect blend of style and elegance, our range is fabricated from fine quality fabrics like cotton, woven & woolen.
    The range that we are supplying offers a wide variety to the clients in terms of color. The range is carefully stitched, printed & skillfully embroidered to ensure it satisfactorily caters to the requirements of the fashion industry which is one of the booming buying-houses.
    We are diligently able to export garments apparels all over the world. Any order from buyer or buying agent, is welcome by us and we remain active till our order goes completed in a particular time. And we make each of deals fulfilled in between our mutual understanding.

    Another noticeable aspect of our business is stock-lots on any kind of fashionable ready-made garments, such as woven, knit, linen, denim, woolen etc.

    therefore, we are keenly optimistic to have a business deal with you on the objects mentioned above.

    Thanking You,


    [email removed]

    Md. Zahir Hossain 26 Apr 2009, 04:01 - Report
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