Where to learn Arabic

The most effective ways to learn the language

Where to learn Arabic

Learning another language is always a challenge and Arabic is definitely not an exception. However, there are many ways of learning Arabic - from language books and videos to classes and online courses. With the right method and persistence you will soon notice significant progress.

Those who are moving to Kuwait for work will probably be offered language training in Arabic if it is a necessary part of the job, while many foreign companies in Kuwait use English as the main language for work. There are several language schools in Kuwait which offer a variety of courses, ranging from short intensive courses to evening courses for people who are able to take more time. The classes differ in price and style. Visit the following websites to find out more:

Want to learn some Arabic before moving to Kuwait?

No problem! We recommend you to take an evening course in your home country prior to your arrival in order to avoid your greetings in Arabic being mistaken for a respiratory disease. Arabic classes are available in almost every country in the world. Usually, where there is an Islamic community, there are also Arabic courses. The Internet will help you find the most appropriate language school in your city or perhaps an individual teacher. Also, Arabic courses are often organized by universities with Arabic culture and language programs and by Muslim organizations. Not to forget the innumerable on-line courses, some of which are listed below:

  • www.gulfarabic.com  - On this website you can learn Gulf Arabic through grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation lessons for free. By paying a subscription fee you will have the access to the full text, audio & exercises.
  • www.kuwaitarabic.com  - This is another on-line course of the Kuwaiti dialect. The site offers first class colloquial Arabic classes, fun study programs, colloquial Arabic learning materials, high quality translation and interpretation services.
  • www.madinaharabic.com  - This portal is aimed at people who want to learn Arabic online with lessons, tuition, vocabulary, downloadable e-books, user forums, etc.
  • www.arabic.desert-sky.net  - A web page that features various links to websites with free information on Arabic language and also media sources with free content that can help you practice Arabic.

Tips for Arabic language learning success

Learning languages only via courses or books can be frustrating and boring. We advise you to combine traditional learning with some additional approaches that will help increase your ability to succeed in Arabic learning.

Follow our tips and improve your Arabic:

  • Find a language exchange partner in our classifieds. Click here.
  • Watch Arabic films
  • Listen to Arabic music
  • Read and watch Arabic news online
  • Read a book or magazine in Arabic
  • Find native speakers in your community
  • Join or start an Arabic conversation group
  • Use an Arabic search engine to explore your interests
  • Visit Arabic chat rooms

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