Learning French in Luxembourg

  • Hi,
    I am communting to Luxembourg from London each week, and would like to find a way to learn at least some french to survive!
    I speak no french at all - and was wondering if anyone knows of some night courses during the week, or just meetings of like minded french learners to try and learn in a more relaxed environment.
    I have had a look at the major providers (prolingua and inlingua) but would also be interested in anyone's opinion on places (or methods) that are most effective.

    31 Aug 2006, 04:43 Anonymous
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  • I'm in the same boat

    ...but I already know a little of the language.

    I was considering putting an advert in the local paper, as I am pretty sure there are people who want to learn English, and we could help each other out.


    Anonymous 22 Sep 2006, 02:20 - Report
  • Franch - English exchange


    I am interested to improve my english and in exchange I can offer you my french-speaking skill.
    My email: [email removed]

    A bientôt (peut-être)


    Anonymous 28 Sep 2006, 04:40 - Report
  • cours de soir french

    Kath, check out the www.ltb.lu, they offer french courses at night. They already started but just a week ago, you can still catch up.


    Anonymous 04 Oct 2006, 12:16 - Report
  • Learning French


    Vaughan and RK I see some good potential here! Maybe we can meet up sometime.

    I am going back to London tonight, but will be back on Monday morning (12 Oct) so would be free to meet up.

    Email me if you are interested at [email removed]



    Anonymous 12 Oct 2006, 07:20 - Report
  • me too

    Same situation as Kath. Commuting each week, and I speak barely enough French to order meals at restaurants and am finding it hugely embarrasing.

    I've sent you a note kath to see if you've found anything yet, but any other advice or tips on where to go for a couple of hours of lessons each week on either a Tuesday or Wednesday would be massively appreciated


    Anonymous 18 Oct 2006, 10:54 - Report
  • je veux parler francais

    je veux parler francais avec une personne. je suis espagnole et je habite a capellen...mon email est [email removed] tu peut contacter avec moi si tu veux.


    Anonymous 16 Dec 2006, 05:16 - Report
  • French on line course

    I am Ramya. Iam an Indian girl and Iam learning French through an on line course. So far Iam doing good and I feel that it is very interesting and userfriendly. Many of my friends are doing this course at the moment. For those who would like to learn french or who are just curious to have a look at it here is the address. www.clickonfrench.com

    Anonymous 17 Jan 2007, 07:27 - Report
  • My French for your english


    I must improve my english.
    I work in Bettembourg and i live in Metz.

    06 17 30 28 47

    Kamel 29 May 2007, 11:18 - Report
  • luxembourg free english lessons

    i live in luxembourg and teach a person english for

    [email removed]

    mark 11 Jul 2007, 03:24 - Report
  • learning french, 9 août 2007

    Je cherche qqn pour pratiquer le francais. Je suis allemand avec une bonne connaissance, mais j'ai besion d'une amélioration quand même. En échange je peux offrir la pratique de l'allemand.

    [email removed]

    Patrick 09 Aug 2007, 05:03 - Report
  • Learning French

    Hi I am soon to be living in Luxembourg can anyone recommend night courses during the week, meetings of like minded french learners to try and learn in a more relaxed environment.

    Mike 24 Dec 2007, 10:56 - Report
  • Texas girl needs French lessons ASAP

    Hello all!
    I am coming to Luxembourg/Thionville for 5 1/2 weeks to stay iwth my boyfriend.
    I am eager to take French lessons but the lessons are soooo expensive! Is there anyone who would be interested in an exchange 3 times a week for 4 hours per day if you would like learn English?
    i will arrive to France 1/18/2008.
    Please help...I don't want to spend sooo much money.
    PS You can email me directly at [email removed]

    Monica Malhotra 15 Jan 2008, 04:51 - Report
  • Langues en Luxembourg

    Salut, je m'appelle Jill et j'écris une rédaction sur le thème "Luxembourg et son trilinguisme - avantage ou inconvénient?". Est-se qu'il y a des jeunes de Luxembourg qui peuvent me raconter quelque chose de ce thème. Peut - être vous pouvez me donner votre adresse e-mail et je vais vous envoyer un questionnaire. J'espère que quelqu'un peut m'aider...

    Jill 14 Mar 2008, 02:52 - Report
  • practise my french :)

    hey, I al looking to some persons to practise my french,I am doing a course but is not enough.I am living in Luxembourg since september
    my email [email removed]

    emese 02 Jun 2008, 08:53 - Report
  • salut

    mon nom est Ahmet je vis en turquie
    je desire me perfecttionner en français
    pouvez me vous aider voila mon adresse msn
    [email removed]

    ahmet ali özel 26 Jul 2008, 03:13 - Report
  • Beginner French,

    Hi, i am living in Diekirch for several months, but i don't speak French neither German, then i'm looking for ladies and gentlemen who would like to share this language with me.
    I speak Cambodian, English and Czech if you would like to share those three languages i am happy to exchange with french or german.

    [email removed]

    Jenas 28 Jul 2008, 02:47 - Report
  • French language tutor wanted


    My boyfriend and I are looking for a French tutor to learn French. We are beginners and took some intensive courses (only 30hrs) at a language school.

    Please let us know if anybody has got some info.


    Maiko 27 Aug 2008, 10:41 - Report
  • aprnder frances

    oi meu nome e ceu ,,tambem gostaria muito de aprender frances,,podemos ser boms amigos e apreder juntos,, meu mail e [email removed]

    ceu 30 Sep 2008, 01:12 - Report
  • pour bien parler

    je suis sara je veux que tu communique avec moi sois fille ou garcon

    sara 18 Nov 2008, 06:56 - Report
  • pratiquement et perfectionner francais

    je cherche un personne pour parler / communiquer français.
    je veux pratiquement français et perfectionner mon français.
    je parler un peu.
    j'habite a Trier.
    il me plairait si quelqu'un pourrait me contacter avec les détails d'un club ou de quelque chose parlant comme ça
    [email removed]

    savas 03 Dec 2008, 10:34 - Report
  • Hello I can Help you

    Join me in [email removed]

    Ameur 05 Dec 2008, 04:21 - Report
  • need help to improve my french

    iam an Egyptian girl speaking Arabic, English and a little bit french and i would like to improve my french by chatting with someone who is interesting to help me. if you are this one please contact me on my email [email removed]

    Bimba 17 Dec 2008, 04:14 - Report
  • Want to learn French - Evenings and/or weekends

    Hi I have moved to Lux in May 08 from Wales and need to learn French. Can someone tell me of any night courses or if any one knows of a tutor.

    [email removed]


    Andrew 06 Jan 2009, 10:36 - Report
  • Languages in Luxembourg

    I will be living in Luxembourg soon. But how is it really with the languages there. They should speak three languages, or? I speak German but not French. It is possible to survive there with German but without French knowledge (at the beginning of my stay)? I would like to learn during the time some French, but learning language takes time.
    I am grateful for any information.
    [email removed]
    Thank you very much!

    Ivana 10 Jan 2009, 05:27 - Report
  • French for children

    Hello, we're looking for someone that is interested in teaching French to 2-4 children through games, etc. The ages are between 4 and 7, but the kids are all quite keen and are looking forward to trying to learn. We live in Howald and our friends children would come to us from Manternach. We want basic language skills for communication and for playing with other children so no need to work on much writing, etc, just a lot of creativity!! Thanks for any reply: [email removed]

    luxtpt 13 Jan 2009, 12:46 - Report
  • can any one help me with my french??!!

    Hi, my name is Alva, I'm 24 and I have just moved to Luxembourg from Ireland and am living just outside the city. I learned French when I was in school but haven't spoken any since then. I was quite good so I'm hoping it will come back to me without too much trouble, but I will need some help. I'm available during the day/night. I'm looking for any classes or tutoring or french-for-english exchange.. anything that will help really. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! My email is: [email removed]

    Alva 16 Jan 2009, 07:44 - Report
  • French courses in Luxembourg


    I will be coming to Luxembourg from England for 5 months in March and I would like to enrol for French classes for biginners. I would prefer to attend evening classes or classes on Saturdays. I have conducted some research and I can only see very expensive courses, for like 550 EUR for a few hours. Does anyone know of any good language schools/centres somewhere close to the centre which are a bit cheaper? Your advice would be appreciated. If you do please e-mail me at: [email removed] Many thanks

    Ania 17 Jan 2009, 02:19 - Report
  • French

    Have you ever considered the software or online course called Rosetta Stone? You can buy the software, or purchase a 6 month/year subscription in the language of your choice. I will be moving to Lux in March, and found this is the best way to take classed in the convenience of your own home.


    brooklyn 24 Jan 2009, 05:24 - Report
  • francais sur le chat

    Je suis etudiante et j'amerais ameliorer mon francais sur le chat. Est-ce qu'il y a personne interessé? J'ai un assez bon niveau de langue mais il me manque la pratique.
    Merci d'avance pour me contacter à l'adresse:
    [email removed]

    A bientôt!

    Mihaela 16 Feb 2009, 05:13 - Report
  • English for French


    I am an American staying in Luxembourg for a bit, and actually hoping to permanently move here - but have found the language barrier my biggest obstacle. Is there anyone that would want to try to learn English in exchange for teaching French? I am available during the days. The easiest way to reach me is at [email removed].


    Christian 25 Mar 2009, 05:32 - Report
  • Moien/Salut/Hello/Hallo,

    je suis une étudiante d'Allemagne et je peux parler un peu luxembourgeoise, francais, anglais et allemand. Il y a qqn qui veux apprendre les langues?
    I am a student from Germany and I can speak luxemburgish, french, english and german also. Is there anyone who wants to learn one of these languages?
    Ich bin eine deutsche Studentin und ich spreche Luxemburgisch, Französisch, Englisch und auch Deutsch. Ist jemand unter euch, der eine dieser Sprachen lernen möchte?
    => [email removed]

    Annika 03 Apr 2009, 09:30 - Report
  • @ Ivana

    Hi there/ Hallo,
    in Luxemburg kommt man auch mit Deutsch ganz schnell zum Ziel, schöner wäre es auf Französisch, aber man kann sich ja langsam entweder Luxemburgisch oder Französisch annähern. =)

    Annika 03 Apr 2009, 09:44 - Report
  • French lessons

    Is there anyone who could give me French lessons in exchange for English and/or Spanish lessons??

    Anonymous 17 May 2009, 08:16 - Report
  • learn france

    hi iam anwar i want to learn france on line

    anwar qatrawi 25 May 2009, 02:34 - Report
  • salut! on va aprendre le français alors!!

    salut margina! comment ça va?? tu veux ameliorer le français?? trés bien moi aussi je quiter la françe et j'ai envie de ecrir le français, je veux pas le perde.

    MVB 28 May 2009, 01:27 - Report


    My name is Angela, currently i am living in Luxembourg (Lux) and i am very interested in take French lessons in order to apply a job here. I can also teach Spanish ( mother tongue). My mail is [email removed] if you want to contact me

    ANGELA 04 Jun 2009, 02:42 - Report
  • Ich möchte Französisch lernen.

    Ich komme aus Deutschland und denke ohne Französisch geht hier nichts. Ich kann Abends oder am WE je nach Vereinbarung. Allerdings spreche ich zu schlecht English daher müsstest Du oder Sie Deutsch sprechen....
    [email removed] oder [email removed]

    Karin Kriegisch 25 Jun 2009, 02:28 - Report
  • perfectionner francais

    Bonjour, je suis une fille russe qui a etudié le français et j'aime bien cette langue. J'aimerais bien que quelqu'un puisse m'écrire pour pratiquer mon français.
    mon e-mail: [email removed]

    Kate 11 Jul 2009, 12:10 - Report
  • French courses

    Hi there,

    I just came to live in Luxembourg a month ago, started a course in Prolingua - intensive one, level 1. The course finished and i know nothing. It's so not worth it according to me... 550 euro for 3 weeks, only 2 hours and a half, not even full week, and they call that intensive!

    I would like to ask if anyone knows something better, which is really intensive, as i need to learn the language fast, please write to me: [email removed]

    I was thinking to find any kind of job, as i don't really need to work, just to be in french speaking environmet at least. i'm kind of worried that i'm just wasting my timesad

    Good luck to everyone else,


    Villy 15 Jul 2009, 01:55 - Report
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