Private schools

Private education in Malaysia

Private schools

Private schooling is offered in Malaysia on all levels from nursery schools up to tertiary education. However, private education institutions play a more decisive role in the higher education sector than in the lower levels.

The private sector is regarded as a balance to relieve the public system of the overwhelming number of students. In the field of primary and secondary education it only covers about 5% of the Malaysian schools. Malaysian private schools follow the the same curriculum as the Malaysian public sector. If you intend to enrol your child in one of these schools it is highly recommended to arrange private Malay classes to ensure that your child becomes fully integrated and is able to follow the courses.

International schools

There are numerous international schools in Malaysia, most of them in Kuala Lumpur, which mainly serve the growing number of expatriates in the country. These schools usually follow a foreign curriculum (like American, British or Japanese curriculum). This means that they are accredited abroad and students can pursue their further education without any restrictions in the respective countries.

Tuitions vary from school to school, yet the cost of international school education is low in Malaysia when compared to many other countries. To search for a school that follows the curriculum of your home country, ask at your embassy in Malaysia. They should be able to provide a list of schools in your area. Also search online as there are numerous web sites, mainly for expatriates, listing the several international schools in Malaysia.

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