Where to look and what to consider


The best and most convenient way to find an apartment or house to rent in Malaysia is to contact one of the widely available real estate agencies. The agencies are familiar with the housing market and offer a large database of available property.

Real estate agencies are predominately centred in Malaysia’s urban areas but can of course also be found outside of the larger cities. If you decide to consult a real estate agent, you should already know what exactly you are looking for. Get familiar with availability and prices prior to seeking out an agency. You should also be as specific as possible when listing your desired features for a future home.

Before visiting the properties with your real estate agents, pass by the properties on your own to get an idea of the area.

House-hunting on your own

If you do not want to spend money on real estate agents, you can look for housing on your own. Although this might take slightly more time, it should not be that difficult due to the wide availability of housing in Malaysia.

One method is to search on the internet or in newspaper classifieds. Most property rental websites are available in English, as well as national newspapers like The Star  or The New Straits Times .

You could also walk around an area that you would like to live in and look for “for rent” signs. They are usually displayed in the windows or the gates of the property. If a property is for rent, the sign will say untuk disewa.

If you are looking for student accommodation, visit the university web sites. There you will find links to the universities’ accommodation offices where you can either search directly or sign up for a room in the student halls.

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