Money in Malaysia

Cash, cards and ATMs

Money in Malaysia

The popular international credit and debit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, Cirrus and Maestro are generally accepted nationwide in larger establishments.

Major shopping establishments, hotels and restaurants readily accept credit cards. However, to make sure you are never left without any money, it is highly recommended always to bring a combination of cash, credit cards and travellers cheques with you.


Nearly all banks have ATM facilities, some of which accept foreign credit and debit cards. Look for a respective label at the cash point machine. Several ATMs do not only permit withdrawals but they also provide premium banking facilities and the option to transfer or deposit money.

Note that many ATMs are shut down after midnight for security reasons.

Travellers cheques and money exchange

Travellers cheques are widely accepted in hotels, banks and major department stores. You will have to provide your full name instead of initials, as hitherto common.

Foreign currency can be exchanged in banks, airports and money changers which are widely available around the country. Some establishments, like larger hotels, might also accept payments in foreign currencies such as Yen, US-Dollar or Euro.

Before leaving Malaysia change the local currency for Dollar or Euro as the Malaysian Ringgit is not freely convertible and it will be difficult to exchange it abroad.

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