Fixed phone lines

Setting up a phone line in Malaysia

Fixed phone lines

Telekom Malaysia (TM) holds the monopoly on the fixed line network. This means if you want to set up a fixed phone line you have to do it in one of the several TM offices.

Applying for a landline in Malaysia is quite easy. The first step is to visit the nearest TM office.

How to get fixed line network

In the Telekom Malaysia office you have to fill in an application form which is available in English. After submitting the application you will have to wait for about 1-2 weeks before your landline is fixed.

This is mainly the whole procedure apart from one exception that makes it a bit more complicated for foreigners to set up a phone line. Due to some previous problems of expatriates leaving the country without paying the phone bills, foreigners have now to pay a deposit of a minimum of RM 1000. An alternative to avoid the deposit is to let a Malaysian citizen co-sign your application, which, being a matter of trust, might turn out to be a bit difficult.

Calling cards and alternatives

In order not to stress your phone bill you can purchase a pre-paid IDD (International Direct Dial) cards to make international calls. They are available in mobile shops. Use your Malaysian fixed line to make the calls. Dial the code you can find on the card followed by country code, area code and phone number.

If you have no own fixed phone line use the public phones which are accessible in many supermarkets and post offices.

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