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Ways of learning a language in Malta

Further tips

Many other options are available to help you learn a language. Some are free and very effective.

Host families: Living with a Maltese host family is an excellent way in which to learn a language (both English and Maltese). You can live with a host family for either a short or long period of time. You will be fully involved in the culture and will also be using the language on a daily basis.

You can apply to live with a host family through the internet or advertisements at the University or in language schools. As a general rule, most Maltese families are very welcoming and friendly.

Language Exchanges: Language exchanges are a good way to get free conversation practice. They work by pairing up with a person that wants to learn your language. You switch between the two languages, helping each other. This is also a great way to meet new people and make friends. You can find a partner through the internet or through classified sections of newspapers. Most universities and language schools either maintain lists of potential local candidates or have a bulletin board with postings.

Dictionaries: Before fully learning any language, it is advised you purchase a dictionary/phrase book. This will help you in the early stages by improving your vocabulary. Most dictionaries also have in-depth information about verb conjugations and sentence structure.

Private Tuition: Private tuition is a very effective way of learning a language. One-on-one tuition can be tailored to suit your needs. Language schools and the university can arrange private tutoring in Malta - but it may be cheaper to find a private teacher. It is important you feel comfortable with your tutor to ensure an optimal learning experience. With hourly rates ranging from 20 Euros to 40 Euros, this form of teaching tends to be the most expensive.

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