International calls

How to save on your international calls in Malta

International calls

Malta is a dream for expats, with plenty of cheap and effective ways to stay in contact with your family back home and in other countries.

The average price per minute for international calls from malta is 0.10€ from landlines and 0.13€ from mobiles and has been decreasing for the last few years. This is extremely affordable and great news for expats. Most companies also offer free EU calls and messages as part of their contract services, but it is a good idea to find out from your mobile provider. Both Melita and Vodafone include this offer in their plans (additional minutes can be purchased for a small fee).

International calling cards are also available for use. These run from around 0.05€ per minute which is very cheap and perfect for calling outside the EU. Another advantage is that these cards can be used from any phone line and are toll-free. This makes another very affordable option for expats in Malta.

Malta has an exceptional internet system throughout the country meaning high speed internet connections are readily available. With this you can make skype calls and use instant messaging systems very easily, so you have no excuse not to stay in contact with your friends and family at home.

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