The Maltese telecommunications market


Despite Malta’s lack of users they have a fantastic telecommunications network. With fiber optic cabling available across the country and cheap international calls, it is no wonder this is a popular destination for expats.

Even with its steady increase over the last few years the telecommunications network is still fairly small in Malta. Only 40% of the population have internet access while 52% have a fixed phone line in their household. The exception of this being Mobile phone connection which almost everyone has.

The number of services available in Malta are quite extensive, high speed internet countrywide, 4G mobile phone access, cheap fixed phone contracts, cheap international calls, and paytv.

The main providers are GO  and Melita  both of which have fairly similar market shares, with the exception of mobile connections which Vodafone has the largest share followed by GO mobile. Other companies are available but have a much smaller percentage of the market share.

There is currently a big push from providers for bundle packages, which include a mix of fixed line, mobile, tv and internet services at a discounted price which is proving to be very popular in Malta with over 50% of customers bundling at least two services together.

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