Phone calls

Calling and dialling codes

Phone calls

Malta introduced a new system in 2001-2002 which simplified the number system making calling to and from Malta very easy.

The country code in Malta is +356. All private numbers in Malta have 8 digits, there are no area codes, however different providers do have different prefixes for their numbers.

Fixed lines begin with 21 for GO numbers and 27 for Malita numbers. While mobile numbers begin with 99 for Vodafone numbers, 79 for GO numbers and 77 Melita numbers. Some examples are:

  • A fixed line GO number 00 356 21XX XXXX
  • A fixed line Melita number 00 356 27XX XXXX
  • A Vodafone mobile number 00 356 99XX XXXX
  • A GO mobile number 00 356 79XX XXXX
  • A Melita mobile number 00 356 77XX XXXX

However, customers changing from one mobile provider to another are allowed to keep their current number, so you cannot always rely on the prefixes.

The emergency number in Malta is 112 for all emergencies.

If you are looking for any local numbers it's best to try the local yellow pages .

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